Nightmare Nights Dallas & Omnigamer Together


Omnigamer, a site that involves reviews and news about tons of games (surprisingly enough), has decided to join in with Nightmare Nights Dallas this year. Like he did at the Sac Brony Con, he will be providing tons of toys and stuffed animals to sell at the charity auction. Along with that, Michael Mosley, the director of Public Relations at Omnigamer, will be directly donating money to the cause. Mosley and his friend Shawn Bird will also be playing 25 hours of gaming for the charity. For more information on this load of charity involvement, just hit up the break. And maybe donate to one yourself. It’s only a few clicks.

I bet everypony thought Omnigamer was just settling at sponsoring SacBrony
Expo, nope, Omnigamer has entered a partnership with Nightmare Nights
Dallas (

We will provide toys and stuffed animals for the event’s charity auction,
and if that wasn’t enough Michael Mosley, Director of PR here at
Omnigamer, will be donating his own money to the great cause of helping

We are very proud to be involved with this wonderful event and to continue
to show our support to the loving pony fandom.

And while we are on the topic of charities, two of Omnigamer’s own are
going to participate in the Extra Life donation drive on November 2nd.

Both Shawn Bird (@shacks2cents) and Michael Mosley (@M_Mosley_JR) will
play 25 hours worth of video games to help raise money for Children
Miracle Network Hospitals (

We hope everyone that comes out to Nightmare Nights has a great time, lets
make this event a fun and successful night!
Michael Mosley
Director of PR
Phone: 580-678-9784

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