University of Central Florida Looks to Have a Pony Club


It’s always awesome when a school is open to bronies even just a little bit, and has a brony club waiting for the new students that gives them a place to express this committed lifestyle particular interest of ours. In fact, I’d treasure such a blessing, for I know firsthand what it is like not to have such a club at one’s college, and while the poor and timid college freshman that is this author is still having a great time socializing and participating in lots of clubs, it feels a bit isolated not being able to integrate normally my brony side.

So that’s why the University of Central Florida (UCF) having a brony club of their own is such wonderful news! The students at UCF compromise a bunch of additional diverse and different fandoms, like Dr. WHO Whovians or the never-unloved Harry Potter Potterheads. The Potterheads split themselves into Hogwarts Houses and have fun in general, the Whovians spend their endless days contending the merits of the new Doctor, and the My Little Pony club has lots to offer. They meet once a week on Tuesdays to generally gather and have fun as a group, watching and talking about the show, amongst other things, and plan major events once a month, like a pool party. Sounds like they’re having a great time!

It’s always important to find social outlets for sharing your interests, whatever they may be, and the varied assortments of clubs at colleges fulfill this role perfectly. Hopefully more colleges will follow UCF’s head.  You can read the article UCF’s own newspaper put out here.

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