Everfree Northwest Announcing Next Pony Concert!


Guesssss What! EFNW announcing their second buckin pony musiks concert, that’s what! Yes, you heard right! News just off the presses: In Seattle on October 19, our dedicated EFNW will be once again hosting a music concert, Elements of Melody: Everfree’s Eternal Night. Bringing seven diverse pony musicians like The Overpones and DJ Everfree, this seems to be as promising as Ponystock (the last concert EFNW did). But enough of my introduction, I will leave you readers in the hands of the press release to deliver the undiluted awesomeness itself!

Everfree Northwest is pleased to announce the second installment of our Pony Music Concerts! Elements of Melody: Everfree’s Eternal Night will be rocking The Vera Project in Seattle on October 19, 2013. We have booked SEVEN musically diverse and entertaining acts to perform, including:
The Overpones, Bloo, Maestro Scherzo and Bright Side, Tarby, Donn DeVore and the Cutie Marks, DJ Victor Malice, and DJ Everfree.
Doors open at 7 PM, and tickets are available at http://www.etix.com/ticket/online. Cost is $9 advance or $11 at the door and all proceeds go to support Everfree Northwest’s 2014 summer convention.
If the words “Pony Music Concert” didn’t get you excited, then maybe you need some visual/aural encouragement. Here are the videos of our last event, Elements of Melody: Music of Everfree held in April 2013.
This is a Nightmare Night themed event, so we are encouraging everypony to dress up in costume! We can’t wait to see the Vera Project filled with ponies singing, dancing, and sharing the magic of friendship through music!
RSVP and follow any updates at www.facebook.com/events/599647436724639/

    • This is from quite a while ago; for archiving purposes, we leave our old news posts up, even if they don’t fit current popular opinion.

      We report on news, not personal feelings; I strongly encourage you to contact the Everfree Northwest staff at info@everfreenw.com if you have any complaints about their attendees.

    • Thank you The Sketch for your comment. The individual to whom you are referring was a guest performer at one of our off-season local concerts and served in a limited support role at EFNW 2013. Due to recent events and his record coming to light, he will not be asked to return as a performer or staffer at future Everfree Northwest or Pegasi-sponsored events. We appreciate the local community bringing this matter to our attention.

      Please note that the safety of our staff, guests, and attendees is of the utmost importance and our Security team has been notified of this matter. Per our policies, Everfree Northwest do not tolerate any kind of harassment or violent behavior and we encourage anyone who witnesses anything inappropriate at one of our events to contact a member of our Security staff immediately.

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