Ponu News Released for iOS!


Ponu News, the previously Android-exclusive app and currently overall best pony news viewer (in this humble writer’s opinion), has just released a version for iOS. That means all your favorite pony happenings from all over the world, as dutifully reported on by the The Daily Oat, Derpy Hooves News, Equestria Gaming, even DeviantArt, and (maybe sometimes) Equestria Daily can be sent to your iPhone or favorite Apple product to be organized efficiently and aesthetically by category to be read at your knowledgeable leisure! Not just that, but now there’s a new offline feature that lets you save articles you liked for later reading, and share them on your social network. Head here to¬†find out how to get it for yourself on iOS, or go here for the Android version. Head past the break for a showcasing of what to expect with the release of the new version.

Having been overwhelmed by the support our Android version released earlier this year, we have been hard at work developing an app for our iOS fans. Today, we are excited to present to you just some of the things you’ll find in Ponu News for iOS:

Interactive tiles to quickly view stories from around the community categorized by news, entertainment, fanfiction, music, and comics
News sources from sites like Equestria Daily, The Daily Oat, Equestria Gaming, FIMFiction, Deviantart, and more!
Save your favourite articles for offline viewing (New!)
Share stories across your social media networks (New!)

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