Oatmeal # 21 – Nightmare Night Edition!


What can Pinkie Pie not unsee in this week’s Oatmeal? Find out below the break! That’s right, below the break… where such sinister evils exist that we won’t describe them up here.

Want a version of the post without music? There’s a page for that!

H&A Play: My Little Foundation: Containment is MagicHanzVonStickyhooves

First, we have a video of some ponies who escaped containment, and the interactions of two unsuspecting announcers therein.

So Soft Newborn Pinkie Pie – Ponyology


Next, one of those creatures that you will find only in nightmares… until now.


Scootaloo? – GrandpaLove


Next, a refreshing break of Scootaloo looking ha- OH CELESTIA WHAT IS THAT.


My Heart BurnsJunkieKB

Pinkamina My Heart Burns

Here, we have Pinkamena Diane Pie in her greatest moment of terror.


Equestria Girls


Next, we have some freak abominations of na… no, wait, this is just Equestria Girls.


Pinkie Pie – Cupcakes – Ziom05


Next, an early April Fool’s Day picture.


Aoshi, Symphon & TIF – Descending Dawn [Meditation Mode]Aoshi den

After that, a song in the spirit of Nightmare Night for this year.


Nightmare Night ( My Little Pony PMV ) [ Nightmare Moon & WoodenToaster Tribute ]dragonv0942

And finally, something older and (we hope) very familiar about Nightmare Night. Enjoy your holiday, everypony!

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