Two Sides of the Coin: Twilicorn is just awful

end of days

Twilight Sparkle was the first pony that most of us saw. She was there with us, through thick and thin, fighting evil and learning friendship the whole way. Now, through the magic of greedy corporations and a producer that isn’t affiliated anymore, Twilight has been diluted from her former glory of the most high Pointy Purple to the lesser state of Glitterbutt. (for more information on pony naming mechanics, see this).

Twilight Sparkle has been changed from the pony that used her strengths and weaknesses to overcome adversity to a pony that can do whatever the fuck she wants to do whenever she wants because she’s royalty. It would have been a little bit better, a little easier to cope with if they made her a Princess for a reason that made sense. But they didn’t. It was ‘Oh, you mastered this really old spell that was kinda hard. Have some wings, you earned them.’. The clear lack of an actual plot behind that episode stuck out in my mind, and it made me research- Twilicorn had been in the works for months. There were twilicorn stickers, glitterbutt backpacks, trapper keepers, and pencils. Glitterbutt was everywhere. Every other day people found things that inevitably led back to the conclusion that they would be giving Twilight wings. And the truly tragic thing was that it never had to happen. Faust didn’t want it to happen, and she’s stated it several times. Just go paging through @fyre_flye and you’ll see that she’s been disenfranchised with Hasbro and the whole team since season 2. She never wanted Twilight to be an alicorn, and she was near catatonic when the Equestria Girls dolls were leaked.

While some people are saying that the show is about change, how there’s a lot of great new characters, how there’s a whole lot of new plot available now that there’s more characters, and on and on, Jroddie loved Season 1. Season 1, for me, was the summer of ‘69. It was better than anything else we’d ever seen. It was new, fresh, and it was everything we ever wanted out of a TV show. Those were the best days of our lives. Whenever I started watching the show, I felt an inexplicable urge rise up inside of me, and I wrote fanfic ‘till my fingers bled. That’s actually how I got this job here at TDO- I loved to write stuff so much that they gave me an awesome job and a respectable office. But that was the Summer of ‘69. We’ve moved on. Now we’re in the winter of MLP. Faust is gone. Hasbro is pumping out toys that are horrifying. Complete horror. And Twilight is the next rock on the slippery slope that leads to a ramp and a shark tank.

Hasbro is running out of ideas, and you can only stuff so many emaciated hipsters in a room with doughnuts before you come up with personality swap episodes and terrifying new characters just for the hell of it. Twilicorn isn’t that bad- It’s just the knowledge that things will get worse that really hits home for me. First it was Luna Eclipsed, then it was Cadence and Shining Armor, and now it’s Glitterbutt. It’s a slippery slope, and I’m not excited for the next rock.

  1. With Season 4 premiering soon, we’ll soon find out how this fandom train goes.

    I agree that Season 1 was probably the highlight for the show itself. I’ll need to check on the Summer of ’69 Woodstock reference to see just how similar it parallels FiM.

    By the Season 2 finale any adult would start to realise that the show really wasn’t made for us.

    By the Season 3 finale and Equestria Girls the corporate mandate was clear. Hasbro is going to ride this gravy train where there is the smell of money.

  2. If I may quote, um, myself for a moment here: “My inner 9-year-old girl pronounced herself pleased, though I was put off by a Bonus Item on the DVD in which some Hasbro suit in an Original Penguin shirt declared that they could just as easily do, say, My Little Flounder.”

    Moneychangers. Temple. Some disassembly required.

  3. Twilicorn is the farthest thing from awful! She is a great way to show the children that hard work and determination get you rewarded. This show IS for children, right?

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