AR15 Brony Discussion Receiving Mixed Results


All right, how much manlier can you get than guns? AR15 is a highly popular site for firearms, allowing users to browse separate models, related news, user manuals, directions to where sales are going on for firearms, and, yes, discussion of firearms.

Well, one of the users decided to ask the big question: What do you guys think of bronies? Some of them are outspoken in their dislike, some are bronies… and some are there to just mess around. It’s a pretty entertaining discussion, and can be found here. It looks like there’s 50 posts per page, and there’s currently 10 pages, so… yeah, fun stuff. It’s just fun to see manly men who sit on the internet talking about guns deciding, of all the different things to┬ádiscuss when bored, to talk about bronies.

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  1. Every week there’s a new episode, there’s a fresh pony thread on; pretty much all these threads devolve into the same sort of Modified (if not Moderated) Chaos.

    Hasbro noticed this one week and bought a Sponsored Link. I laughed rather loudly.

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