Bodybuilding Brony Discussion Highly Negative


Apparently, you can get manlier than guns. So manly, in fact, that your masculinity can be questioned by the existence of colorful cartoon horses. Whereas AR15 had generally random opinions from gun nuts, the bodybuilding nuts don’t seem quite so favorable towards the idea of watching My Little Pony. I wonder what they don’t like about the show? Check out their angry thread over here, and Celestia protect you from their cruel words.

  1. Well, in my humble opinion… I think that we should not promote this kind of forums, discussions or other hater/troll sites that likes to mock about us and the brony fandom. They are only looking for attention and with this particular post we are easily given it to them.

    • This is an instance of how widespread brony influence is. Despite their inherently negative opinion on bronies, that so many of them are aware of the brony fandom would be a surprise for many.

      We’re not promoting negative opinions on bronies; we also don’t censor anyone’s opinions. We like to show both the bright and dark sides of the fandom in relation to community understanding, aiming for as little bias as possible. It would be dishonest of us to say, “Well, this has discussion on bronies, but the people don’t like bronies, so we can’t post this.”

      It’s like saying that any negative opinions on Princess Twilight Sparkle aren’t allowed. Just because many of us disagree with Jroddie for maintaining his opinion, that doesn’t mean we’re going to exclude his opinion in our articles.

      It would be weird to create an account so that bronies can post on a community website about bodybuilding to defend the fandom, but stranger things have happened.

      • Being a statistical outlier has made it easier for me to defend the fandom over the years (two of them, anyway); when you’re planning an attack on what you expect to be a bunch of neckbearded twentysomethings who live in Mom’s basement, you tend to overlook the possibility that somewhere in the crowd is a grey-haired fiftysomething who owns his own house and who has been arguing stuff online since the Reagan administration. (I suspect Andrew has seen me with a non-pony avatar and a pseudonym that predates G2 pony on Yahoo! Answers, and anyway I’ve since turned 60.)

        Now the above demographics, in and of themselves, don’t bring me either instant credibility or raucous laughter — but in general, I’m prepared for either. And it has always been my experience that speaking out boldly will get you unexpected allies who couldn’t quite bring themselves to make noise on their own. But you have to have faith in your own strength: I was a genuinely lousy high-school debater, but I’ve gotten better in the [number redacted] years since then.

        • I’m by no means promoting their opinions, only informing that they have opinions. I will not participate in their mud-slinging, as I doubt there’s much intellectual or beneficial discussion to be had from bodybuilders. Though, I guess that’s a personal opinion, as a small number of posters I saw displayed a modicum of intelligence. Disliking bronies doesn’t make an opinion wrong; it’s lack of intelligent thought behind that opinion that makes discussion with bodybuilders unappealing to me.

          Even were there a concerted effort by the fandom to register on and defend bronies on the site, I doubt I’d participate. While I do enjoy a witch trial or two, arguing with someone who lifts isn’t really my idea of a fun night.

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