Dynamite Comics plan a release of a brony parody!

In a freak turn of events that nobody really expected, Dynamite comics have released plans to make a brony parody based on the legions of fedora’d neckbeards that everyone loves to hate. From the company that brings you comics like TurokTwilighting, and The Mocking Dead. The plot is centered around a legion of “Horse-Hes”, and their infighting about which of their groups is based around the truest interpretation of the show. This leads a small group to go out into the world and find the true “Horse-He”. Look forward for Jroddie’s review of this comic when it comes out. A link to Dynamite comics can be found right here, and a small kitten in a wicker basket can be found here.

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  1. Even knowing this is a parody I think this could be decent depending on how they go about it. Namely they avoid the really easy to make jokes since those have been done to death and aren’t really funny anymore. Also, cute kitten.

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