Ryan Queen Creates Petition to Kill Bronies


We couldn’t find a picture of this guy by googling his name and we’re too lazy to chop up a picture, so have this picture of Ryan Reynolds from his recent thriller Queen of the Night. We hope you aren’t too disappointed.

So, how ridiculous is this whole “brony” thing going to get before we all get slaughtered in a focused genocide by the rest of the world? Ryan Queen, who created this petition titled “Bronies: Die,” seems to believe that time is now. What an advocate for change! Watch him discuss his very serious petition, which he mistakenly says is “Kill All Bronies,” and also watch him eat Cheetos after the break.

EDIT: Looks like the petition got taken down. Sorry guys, show’s over.

13 responses on “Ryan Queen Creates Petition to Kill Bronies

  1. EquestriaGuy

    Hilarious. I never thought I could laugh at someone eating cheetos. This is either very satirical, or this guy has an IQ somewhere at or below room temperature.

    1. Scootareader Post author

      I read through some of the YouTube comments, and one of the guys who presumably was speaking for those who made the video said that they were being purely satirical. If it wasn’t, this would be Chris-Chan tier.

          1. SickVidzNathaniel

            That’s not original content. You took that photo from Google. If you took the picture yourself, that’d be original content.

  2. Das Grinder

    Looks like his petition got killed. I kept waiting for a rational reason but it is difficult to justify hate like this when your only facts are made up. I don’t understand where all this anger is coming from lately. Dude also has stickers on his door (probably MLP stickers). Good call on Ryan Reynolds header picture Scootareader it made me laugh.

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