WTVY Theme: Ponies for Creativity Month


In the last post I did about WTVY’s coverage of the brony fandom, I mentioned that they don’t yet have a banner. Now they do. The creativity has been sparked!

So, the theme of January is Creativity Month. Different sites and media outlets have their own special way of celebrating this, but WTVY decided to theme theirs for the brony fandom! They will be accepting media in the form of music and art, but the if you draw art, it must be news-themed! You can check out their post here to see the full breakdown of how you can get involved, or go below the break where we have the press release.

In October, News 4 This Morning held a Art Contest with an amazing response from all over the world from fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For Creativity Month in January, we’re following up on that in two different ways!

Many fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic enjoy the original music created by fans of the hit animated series. If you have created some music based on the series, instrumental or vocal, share it with us! PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept remixes of actual songs from the show due to copyright concerns. These must be fully original works.

If music isn’t your creative medium, we’re looking for a “Pony News” banner for our broadcast and webpage. This would be displayed on air and online with our news updates on the series and its fans. Feel free to get creative with the banner and even use our “OC” (seen above) if you would like. The image would need to be 1280×720 and have a news-related theme of some kind! Feel free to include multiple submissions if you would like.

Submission links for Twitter, Facebook, and E-mail.

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  1. Dothan is, by general agreement, the Peanut Capital of the World. There ought to be a way to work that in.

    And apparently after the Civil War Between The States For Southern Independence, Dothan (then known as “Poplar Head,” and tell me that isn’t an OC name) had an actual Pony Express route.

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