The Weekend Not-Actually-A-Reader – January 26th, 2014


This week, EMF does things a lot, lot, LOT differently.


EMF goes off on a tangent (A.K.A.: Why Legends of Equestria is amazing)
- EMF Scootaloo

First of all, Legends of Equestria is amazing.

Second of all, Legends of Equestria is amazing.

Third of all, Legends of Equestria is so very amazing that I’m going to review it instead of Rebellion of Equestria seeing as nobody really cares about that anyway. Including me. So it can wait until February.


Let’s get it on and see how we do.


I did a little playthrough thingy of the first beta test that you can find here if you’re interested. Be warned that profanities are frequent and were necessary to convey the atmosphere of exaggerated wonderment employed.

Here and here.


But anyway.

Legends of Equestria is a game that’s about ponies and is an MMORPG where you go around fighting monsters to gain levels so that you can more effectively kill monsters (though not in this beta; sadly, you’re stuck at level 1). There are quests available that make fighting monsters more interesting and more rewarding. So it’s pretty standard stuff for its genre really.

By the time you read this, unless you literally sit there waiting for me to post the Weekend Reader every weekend, the beta test will probably be over. However, as I’m typing this, it’s still on, so I’ll be able to aid your experience with screenshots.

So from the main menu you click ‘Login’, enter the username and password for your site account (if you don’t have one, there’s also a Register button) and are presented with a list of servers, which are Capriole, Levade, Piaffe, Croupade and Mezair, which are all dressage movements. I like Croupade myself.

You are then presented with this screen:


Obviously without the Bowstring and Unicorn Bowstring. Now, for the sake of not having everything unlocked right away, I’m going to let the random generator do its stuff.

Character creation is fun. There are a wide range of cutie marks, the colours aren’t restricted, the eye options are adequate, the mane and tail options are nice, and heck, you can even import your pony codes from the pony creator on the site. What’s not to like?


Five minutes of generating later…


I hit ‘Random Name’ more than ‘Random Pony’. Any old female pegasus is good enough for me. But… Wind Whistler? Wasn’t she…?

wind whistler

wind whistler

That’s more like it. She’s a pegasus, but she’ll do.




…thankfully, I’m here to explain all. So I’ve put red numbers next to important things.

1. The day/night cycle tracker thingy. Tells you what time of day it is, and tells you whether you’ll hear awesome music or even awesomer music in Cloudsda-sorry, Cloudopolis.

2. Name of area. Also minimap.

3. Name of another player, who I spawned inside. That’s a theme in this game, spawning inside of other ponies. You do it very frequently.

4. Wind Whistler.

5. Level counter. Permanently 1 for now.

6. Health. If it hits 0, you faint and respawn at the entrance to the area.

7. Stamina, not Mana as you’d think by the blue colour. Goes down when you run or use an attack.

8. Wind Whistler’s name. And a checkered circle.

9. For pets, when they come in.

10. Messages. Usually just pop up to tell you that you’ve fainted.

11. A book that just says NULL BOOK SECTION for everything.

12. Inventory.

13. Options.

9 – 13 show tooltips when you hover over them. Most are self-explanatory, though I don’t know why stamina is blue. I also don’t know what the checkered circle is. Overall, good HUD, though you can’t go far wrong with HUDs.


Now, you may realise that I’m in Cloudopolis. Only pegasi spawn here. Unicorns spawn in Cantermore (Canterlot) and earth ponies spawn in Ponydale (Ponyville), which is pretty neat. Unlike the show, however, earth ponies and unicorns can walk on clouds without magic.

That doesn’t mean the three races are exactly the same, though they do share the Ground Pound attack.

If you’re a pegasus, you can fly. You can fly and hit invisible walls sometimes, but you can still fly, and it’s awesome. You can also do frontflips (which worked in the previous beta but don’t work in this one for some reason) and barrel rolls…

…yes, that kind of barrel roll. And it’s incredibly fun to do see. Your screen does a barrel roll too.

The pegasus special attack is the Dual Cyclone, which kinda sucks but can be used at range. But not while flying. Which kinda sucks but was necessary to stop everyone from playing pegasus all the time.

Unicorns are able to teleport. Which is kinda good, but you can’t teleport onto nothing, so it’s not as good as flight. Their special attack is making pretty flowers. I’m not sure what making pretty flowers does to enemies, but…

And earth ponies are boring. They don’t teleport or fly. Which sucks. Their special attack is the Seismic Buck, which I’ve never seen but sounds worthy of Guile’s theme. Whether being Calamity levels of badass make up for their lack of flight or teleportation, though, is a matter of personal opinion.

Also, if you hold back with any race, you moonwalk.


Combat took me a while to get. See, if you run up to an enemy, the screen doesn’t lock on or anything. The enemy comes up and starts killing you, but you can’t attack back. Unless, of course, you click on said enemy first. But nobody explained that to me, so I was left scratching my head in frustration until I figured it out.

Of course, killing an enemy doesn’t really get you anything at this stage. Once I saw a diamond dog drop a ruby (rubies come in red, blue and green for some reason) when someone killed it, but there’s nothing in the way of experience. That still needs to be coded in. Still a beta, everyone.


Emotes. There are quite a few of them. You have sitting, lying down, dancing (in the first beta test you could sit and dance on air as a pegasus; not so now, unfortunately, though it was fun while it lasted), facehoofing, applauding, waving and being excited (which doesn’t work). All of them are animated well and look on-model for any pony. You even get small dust clouds when you sit or lie down.

Heck, everything is animated well. The walking animation, and I never thought I’d say this about a walking animation, is beautiful. I’m not sure if walking animations have evolved since the games I’ve been playing recently, but really, it’s good. The other animations are also well-done.



Oh god, the music.

Now, I’ve already linked Clouds, which is used for Cloudopolis in the daytime, in my Fallout Equestria review.

But that’s to take nothing away from Beneath The World (the mines near Ponydale at night)…

…Look At The Stars (the same at daytime)…

…or Serenity.


Really, I’ve been listening to that track for at least two and a half years and fantasizing about hearing it in context. And I’ve heard it in context now, and I can honestly say that I’m going to be spending a lot of time in Cloudopolis at night when the game is released.

So yeah. A+ for the music team. Keep it up, please!


It’s hard to get a good idea of the quests from the beta. Why? Because they’re all fetch quests that give you cosmetic items at the end of them (with the exception of one, which is a way to get bits). I doubt this is the way the finished game is going to be, so I’m going to reserve judgement.


And finally, what game in its beta stages would be complete without unintended quirks?


If you run multiple clients at a time, you can make clones of yourself, and even play multiple ponies at once! It’s pretty great, I have to say, but it does take up extra player slots, so…




…so that’s why Legends of Equestria is awesome! I’ve been hyped for two whole years about it, from back when it was Equestria Online, and I have to say it hasn’t disappointed! And if it lives up to my hype now, who knows how good it’ll be when it’s done? We’ll see. Maybe they’ll get C&D’d by Hasbro before then, but if that happens, hey, hit me up. I have both beta clients if someone wants to jerry-rig them.

More Fallout Equestria next week. By the way, the names of the Fallout Equestria protagonists are taken in Legends of Equestria. LittlePip, SteelHooves, Calamity, Velvet Remedy and Fifthprotagonist McGee. Probably Blackjack as well.


I leave you with this image of Crossbow Pone next to her long-lost sister.


Man, it feels weird to not be ending off with a Story, Genre, Author, Link thing…

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