Taki’s Magazine and NYU Local Report on the Brony Fandom


Be warned: Don’t check out these articles unless you’re either looking for something to rage senselessly about or can laugh at yourself. Some of the comical claims made in these articles have been known to induce butthurt.

All right, so first up today, we have an article from Taki’s Magazine on how the writer will “never stop making fun of wimps, metrosexuals, beardists, dogmatic fatsos, Gawker fags, Daily Kos beta males, MSNBC bitches, transgendered whiners, Clay Aiken, commies, yoga, plushies, infantilists, maskers, and cuddle parties, but the autistic fan base of a social-interaction cartoon is different.” The fan base that’s different, of course, is our little brony fandom. You can find the article here.

Our other negatory article for today, this coming from NYU Local, is about someone who was researching bronies, was apparently browsing Tumblr for information on us, and came across something too graphic for The Daily Oat to report on–okay, we can, but we’re not going to. This is full of action, adventure, stereotyping and profiling, and inaccurate information on the takedown of the Princess Molestia Tumblr. Hunter S. Thompson would be proud.

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  1. The NYULocal article, at least, is on point. Without splitting hairs on whatever truth lies behind APM’s cease and desist Waterloo, it covers – unapologetically – some of the darkest points the Brony fandom have shown to date, and thankfully without making false claims or jeering at its subject! Good on Kyla Bills.

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