Church Music Bears a Striking Similarity to Pony Music


Who would have thought? A song that was produced in 2012 by composer Dan Schutte, known as “Glory to God,” happens to bear a striking similarity to a certain very familiar theme song. Seeing as the G4 theme song was created by Daniel Ingram first, we can only assume that Dan Schutte heard it, thought to himself, “You know what this would sound really great as? Church music,” and got to work. The full article, where you can hear a comparison between the two songs, is over here. The only thing that I can think is, at least the church-goer who noticed this has decent hobbies.

  1. Haha, yeah, it does almost kind of sound like it, doesn’t it? But while this post was made in jest – and taken in jest – the comments and tone of the ccwatershed article (save for a few) seem wildly off the mark. For my part, I’m pretty sure the similarities are superficial and assumption is (unfortunately???) not warranted, but it did make me laugh pretty hard.

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