Avatar: The Last Airbender Comic Contains Obvious MLP Reference


Flutterbat is best transformation. Look at that face! Thanks to BaldDumboRat for the picture.

We’re not even sure if this comic came out before or after Bats!, but rest assured that it is definitely an MLP reference. Even things that can’t be referential to MLP have to be referential to MLP. That’s just how the world works now, as we may as well get used to it. Below the break will be two panels of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comic piece “The Search – Part 2,” which were submitted to us by Pr0ny of the Canterlot Intelligence Agency. We hope that you find the referential material within these gilded pages to be as nod-worthy as we do.

Click the pictures to enlarge them. Man, that Flutterbat is adorable.







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