Lunafest, a Festival in Hamburg, Germany, Announced


So, what is there to do in Germany on Scootareader’s birthday? Why, Lunafest, of course! The hottest new event in town is located in one of the most delicious-sounding towns in all of Europe, and now home to its very own brony get-together. Check out below the break for all the cool stuff the festival staff have to say!

It has been asked that we stress that Lunafest is not a proper convention, but rather a festival for bronies to attend. It has convention-like attractions, but their primary goal is fun! (And maybe a little alcohol, which isn’t legally allowed at conventions.) More details on what exactly is the difference between a festival and a convention can be found here.

Lunafest website open, First act and pricing revealed

Hamburg, Germany


Lunafest, Europe’s biggest dedicated brony music festival, has now opened its doors for your information needs. Visit for a full rundown.

Have you ever been to a convention? Do you joyfully remember the time spent there? How about the dancing? All the fun you had among like-minded people while dancing with them, holding a nice drink in your hooves and just getting to know new friends? That’s Lunafest! And, in 2014, this experience will be felt once again, this time with a premium party location.

On our website you can have a look on the venue, the festival details and also the pricing. Of course you can look at our ever-growing lineup, which will be growing with well known artists from the fandom. The first guest is already announced: The trance brony artist jayb, who will put down some of his tracks for your enjoyment in the main hall.

Stay tuned. We still have a lot to share with you! We hopefully will see you at our festival.

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