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Red Deer Advocate Having Cover Up Contest


Now, we’re advocates for erasing the past, but it’s specifically in their choice of picture that we find ourselves here today, as bronies, looking at a large biker who wants to remove Twilight Sparkle from his arm. This contest was spotted in a local newspaper (yes, that old stuff on real paper) by Tuxxy, who decided to provide us with the link to where you could find it on the site. If you want to check out the contest, head over here. Also stay tuned, as Tuxxy has said he may very well upload a snapshot of the newspaper he initially saw this in. Does that man looks like he regrets having Twilight on his arm? We think not.

HuffPo remarks on BronyCAN

In a freak turn of events that nobody really expected, especially in Canada, the Huffington Post branch in British Columbia published an article earlier today about the upcoming BronyCAN convention! Oh boy! They pretty much just nailed down the dates , went over the Jerry Springer Twitter War of 2013 (where Tara Strong wrongly declared herself our Queen), and posted a few videos about Bronies. The actual article can be found right here, and as of the time of publishing, there aren’t any comments in the article! So get over there so you can say stuff to other people.


TV World Reports on Hasbro’s Global Licensing Program

Applejack by TheDarkestDayDream


Applejack is excited to hear what Hasbro’s up to! Are you?

No crazy big announcements here; there are some noteworthy things to read, though. I particularly liked the section about plushies and how successful Build-a-Bear has been. This is all information that was revealed at Licensing Con, which happened yesterday. Based on what’s revealed here, we can definitely expect some cool new products to be popping up because of ponies!

Season 4 Teaser In New Hot Topic Video


A little bit back, Hot Topic had uploaded some MLP versions of their ‘Hot Minute’ feature, starring Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. They’ve now released another video starring Equestria’s newest monarch, Twilight Sparkle. What’s different about this one is that it features what looks to be a 2-second sampler from a future episode, giving us our first view of the new series out in Winter. The video itself also looks a bit like it’s thrown together with some pre-made Twilight animations, whereas FS and RD were original animations by DHX. Check out the video after the break – the good part’s at 19 seconds.

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New Hub Promo Includes Upcoming Episode Scenes

Art by: Artrica

The Hub has aired a new promo for “MLP: FIM” that includes a few sneak peeks at the final few episodes of season three. Thanks to the lovely folks over at The Round Stable, there’s a YouTube upload of said promo, if you don’t have The Hub or don’t want to watch the channel incessantly until it pops up, even though ”Animaniacs” is now on the channel, so you should be watching it all the time. Right? Right.

Check out the video after the break. As always, potential spoilers contained, though they’re fairly minimal.

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Royal Wedding ’12 – Amazing Promo Packs sent out


Some more hype-building by The Hub – these fancy packs have been sent out to the press to promote the season finale, coming up next week. The box includes all the posh presentation and a DVD of both episodes. Oh, and stop throwing money at the screen – I tried it, and all I got was a broken iPad screen. :C

Check out more images through the link to the “That’s The Single Stupidest Thing I Ever Heard” tumblr. (HT: EqD)

New Episode Commercial

It looks like DHX and The Hub are really trying hard to make sure the season finale is as awesome as possible – and by the looks of the latest commercial for the next episode, it’s one step closer to mission accomplished. The hints we’ve seen about the return of DJ Pon-3 have been confirmed, too. As a victi-I mean, suff-I mean, viewer of the Royal Wedding last year, this looks way more better. Check the video after the break, and the first of the episodes this Saturday.

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