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Vulture Reports on “Bob’s Burgers” Episode Themed Around Bronies


Who knows what might happen! For those who don’t know what Bob’s Burgers is, it’s a TV show centered around a family that runs a hamburger shop, somewhat like The Simpsons, except it has more mature and less silly humor, so most consider it closer to King of the Hill.

Don’t let the little “FOX” logo in the bottom-right of the picture fool you; this show is centuries ahead of FOX News. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, but this episode certainly isn’t intended as an insult! For those who want to read more about it and see a few little snippets of the episode that aired, you can check out the article right over here. If we’re any heralds of future bandwagons, this “Equesticles” thing may totally take off.

Details For ‘Broadway Battles Bullying’ Event Announced


With Michael Morones continuing to make positive recovery from his injuries, the details for a special event taking place in New York to help the foundation in his name have been announced. Not only will we see none other than Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart (even the Queen thinks they’re awesome) help to present Broadway Battles Bullying, but a sheer galaxy of stars from the biggest shows on the New York theatre scene* will take part in an evening of song to help raise as much money as possible. It takes place at the Skirball Center at NYU in Manhattan on Monday April 14th and tickets are available right now from just $40! Check out the event’s official website for more information.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Michael’s recovery, you may want to follow his account over on Twitter or his website, which are both regularly updated with news of his progress and the continuing support of the Foundation. Props to Andrea Libman who visited the family this weekend, and even read to Michael in his favourite character’s voice!

*No guests confirmed from Hinny of the Hills yet…

My Little Pony to Return to McDonald’s


 Fear not, for the header picture is accurate! It’s time for us to head back to McDonald’s to collect our two famous princesses, plus the newly anointed Princess Twilight, in additon to her five closest friends: Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and… Vinyl Scratch? Wow, way to push out the best background pony, Hasbro.

According to Tell Gaming, the latest wave of ponies will be striking on March 28th, with an ending date (or when supplies run out, which is doubtless) of April 24th. They will be sharing their triumphant return with Skylanders Swap Force, so we can get Swap Force toys and seem like manly men, then get the pony toys and tell the McDonald’s workers with our best Poker faces, “My niece loves Pinkie Pie. I think ponies are gay.” It’s foolproof, I tell you!

Grayson Bruce Allowed to Bring Backpack to School Again


Looks like most of the news outlets are still reporting on Grayson’s backpack being banned, so we’ll release the news to the contrary. Young Mr. Bruce and his mother came onto Glenn Beck’s show and talked about Grayson’s situation, and presumably shortly afterward, the school district realized the sheer amount of media attention that this was getting. Every news site under the sun seemed to report on this, so I can’t say this outcome is shocking. Check out The Blaze’s article on the ban lift here, and check out Glenn Beck’s interview with Grayson over here. I’d also like to say to Glenn Beck, if you somehow end up reading this… thanks for all your help. And to Grayson… keep doing your thing, because you’re awesome.

Media Report On Grayson Bruce Bullying; Glenn Beck Shows Support


The bullying that some people, particularly boys, face by enjoying MLP has come right into the public domain recently, particularly with the case of Michael Morones and the support he has had since his attempted suicide, including several high profile events (we will report on one particular event in the next few days).

Now plenty of media outlets worldwide, such as the Huffington Post, ThinkProgress and Fox News, are reporting on the story of Grayson Bruce, a harassed 9 year-old boy who has been told by his school to stop wearing a Pony backpack because it was a ‘trigger for bullying’. In addition, Glenn Beck has shown support on his radio show for Grayson and his “right to be different” by getting all of his employees their own Pony plushie. Although I don’t agree with him on a lot of things, it’s fantastic of him to offer his support to him and his family.

Hopefully the suffering of both Michael and Grayson will make more and more people aware how damaging preconceptions can be, and how brave it is particularly for some young men to proudly say that they like My Little Pony.

In the Capital Reports on “Mitt Little Brony” Tumblr


So, how big of a brony is Mitt Romney? If this Tumblr is to be believed, we’ve sort of always known in some way. The concept got popular enough to be picked up by semi-satirical local news outlet InTheCapital. Their article, which also contains some of the Tumblr pictures, can be checked out over here. It’s okay, Mitt… we support your bronyness, even if the rest of the world doesn’t. That does not, however, mean you’ve got the brony vote in the next election.

Idle Hands Reports on Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro My Little Pony large figure with accessories

So, just what was revealed at the toy fair? Was it just that new Equestria Girls movie? Or were there other awesome things unveiled that we want to get our greedy brony mitts on? Oh, yes, there’s definitely more merch! Idle Hands, a group that reports on awesome things and looks really familiar for some reason, has some pretty great screenshots of the goods over here. Everything from the Rainbow Rocks dolls to the new castle playset to… wait, is that a muffin for a name?

Culture War Reporters Discusses Gender Representation in My Little Pony


Are you a male that feels under-represented in My Little Pony? Inexcusable! Culture War Reporters has a short blog published that discusses a tumblr which purported “misandry”–that is, inadequate representation of males–in the show full of ponies. The original tumblr hosting these ideas is now gone, but another article by the same name (My Little Pony: Misandry is Magic) may have a point in saying that male representation is lacking in the show (not something the blog author is promoting, I clarified). Then again, the guy (or girl) who wrote the article may also be excluding information to prove a (bigoted) point.

Spike is a baby dragon, not a pony, plus he has a minor role in the show, thus he cannot be considered as a main lead.

But who are we to judge?

The American Conservative on “Rise of the Bronies”

 Wait… it’s positive? And, like, these guys are conservative? Like, Fox News conservative? Well, this is unexpected!

The American Conservative, a site which lauds itself on its open-minded conservatives, has created an open-minded article indeed on bronies. It really needs to be read to be believed, and can be found right over here. Maybe the world is finally growing wise to us.

… I probably shouldn’t have said that.