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Everfree Network to Host April Fool’s Day Special!


Have you recently been getting excited for the final culmination of what amounts to a year’s worth of mischievous brooding of the most vengeful, societally wrecking, and truly insidious kind? You are? Well, then, just like us, you’re obviously ready for April Fool’s Day! And for this day, Everfree Network has planned its weakly Elements of Harmony segment to be an April Fool’s Day radio play. Elements of Harmony is normally a radio show that regularly interviews pony music artists, and many special guests, like Final Draft, Midnight Rain, and Tarby will be making appearances. So join us in for tomorrow at 10 PM EDT for a fun night of lively entertainment and comedy! The trailer is here, and the link for the stream tomorrow is down below in the press release. Make sure to bring your pony-themed whoopee cushions. Continue reading

Stay Brony My Friends Charity for Episode 70 With Michael Dobson

And just who is this suave fellow doing some fundraising? Why, this is Michael Dobson, the voice of Bulk Biceps! He also did the voice of Dr. Caballaron in Daring Don’t, as well as being out-of-show talent for Nappa in Dragonball Z and Starscream in Transformers. Oh, and he was Batman and The Joker. Head below the break to check out the episode he was in and how you can help a worthy cause–this being the Rare Disease Foundation, who promote research on rare diseases and how to better treat them. It’s always a great feeling to know that the show talent we appreciate so much are willing to do what they can to help the greater good.

Oh, did we mention you can also get some pretty great stuff by donating? Yeah, those donating to the cause aren’t the only charitable ones. <3

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Charity Chitchat with Amy Keating Rogers and Natasha Levinger


Who wants a charity livestream? We do! Ponyville Live, Your Siblings, and Bronies for Good are going to be running one this very Saturday with esteemed show talent Amy Keating Rogers (writer for episodes such as Bridle Gossip, The Cutie Pox, and Filli Vanilli) and Natasha Levinger (writer for Pinkie Apple Pie and the upcoming episode 16 of season 4). They’ll be having fun and raising money for a great cause and also answering plenty of questions we may have for them, so feel free to participate and enjoy yourselves in the stream, which is right here. Check out the full announcement and all the big details, such as what causes this fundraiser will be going toward, below the break.

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Ponyville Live Streaming Ponycon AU All Weekend


So, what are those folks over at Ponyville Live covering now? All this weekend, they’re reporting to you from a con down under, where bronies go and merch they plunder. Can you see it, can you see their wonder? And that’s all the creativity I got for today. Seriously, can anyone think up a fitting line for “You better run, you better take cover?”

Simply put, if you want to check out the convention, you can head over here where Ponyville Live is hosting the coverage. They also gave us a (very) little blurb, as this is a collaborative stream, it would appear, and that is below the break.

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Gaming Colts Announce Crystal Games 2014


With the great success of an event comes its just as exciting follow-up event! To those who missed the Crystal Games for the year of 2013, it was an online event run by Everfree Northwest and hosted by The Gaming Colts with help from the Bluescreen Bronies that resulted in a full-blown panel on gaming at the convention. Well, due to the success of the last time they ran this, they are now doing the Crystal Games for the year of 2014. This will be quite a different event than the last Crystal Games, now being a 48-hour livestream instead. The full announcement can be found after the break.

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Pwnies for a Cause 2013 Wrap-Up


Wondering how the Pwnies for a Cause stream run by Bluescreen Bronies, The Gaming Colts, and Omnigamer went? Well, we have the numbers and other important information for you, then! Head below the break to get the full scoop on everything that happened during the livestream and what to expect in the near future.

Oh, and the header picture was drawn by the fabulous velglorth. Thanks, velglorth!

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Omnigamer to Join Bluescreen Bronies for Charity Livestream


So, for those who haven’t been reading everything that’s been going on, Bluescreen Bronies are going to have a huge livestream going on for charity. It’s already going to have tons of giveaways, special guests, and gaming… what more could we possibly want?

Why, Michael Mosley, of course! The resident brony of Omnigamer will be there to do his part in making the livestream even more incredible. In case you don’t get enough of him on the 20th (the first day of the livestream), he will also likely be back again on the 21st for an encore, plus he’ll be doing a different livestream for Omnigamer on the 19th! Seems Mr. Mosley has finally mastered time magic after all. Head below the break for the full breakdown of what he will be doing.

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Ponyville Live! Nightmare Nights Dallas Coverage


For those of you who are still up when you shouldn’t be, we’ve got quite a sizable roster of awesome videos for you, coming from the recent coverage of the recent convention by esteemed livestreaming ponies Ponyville Live!. Head below the break for, like, every single video that they put up for coverage of the convention. Thought you missed Nightmare Nights Dallas? Oh, please, these guys have got you covered.

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The Brony Show To Interview Matt Hill, Sam Vincent

VA Banner Nov 9

The guys over at The Brony Show have sent us some information about a live interview they have planned with not just one, but two VA guests from the show – Matt Hill and Sam Vincent! The interview will be uploaded onto YouTube afterwards, but the main event will take place on their website at 4.15pm EST this Saturday. Check past the break for their Press Release or visit The Brony Show’s website for more info. Oh, and bring pie.

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Legends of Equestria Behind the Scenes Livestream


The Legends of Equestria MMO based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is going to be hosting a Livestream event this weekend that promises a rare inside look into what it takes to make an MMO like Legends of Equestria, including Q&A with developers, writers, 3D modelers, 2D artists, programmers, and more members of the team as they go over what it takes to create Cloudsdale in real-time. The event will last 24 hours and will start this Saturday (November 2nd) at 12 Noon Eastern Time. The 24-hour event can be viewed on the LoE Livestream channel at Find the complete schedule after the break! Continue reading