BUCK Announces Prince Whateverer, General Mumble, and HMage


A news insider, codename Celestia’s Plot, told us that the money BUCK saved by only putting Prince Whateverer’s name on the banner is going straight toward making the concert that these three will be a part of even more off the hook. There’s no actual news insider, but BUCK is still going to have an awesome convention with awesome guests, and the Summer Sun Celebration concert is just icing on the cake! Check out everything that the BUCK staff have to say in the customary place below the break.

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BronyCon Announces Terry Klassen


Comic artists? Animators? VAs? How bout one of the directors that keeps it all together and brings out the best of a diverse and talented group? In this regard, this year BronyCon is proud to present to you Terry Klassen, the voice director for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His unique perspective on the show, and the diversity of his work, ranging from Dragon Ball Z to Ed, Edd n Eddy, should give con attendees a very special experience indeed. For the whole press release, stay for below the break. Continue reading

Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend April 18th-20th!


Hoowhee! Another open server weekend for Legends of Equestria will be happening April 18th-20th! So register in the legendsofequestria forums first as soon as possible (before the servers get busy), and get ready to have pony vidya fun and witness any further improvements the game has made in its development thus far. The necessary links are, as always, below in the press release. Continue reading

BUCK Announces Heather Breckel, The Living Tombstone, and more!


So, what’s on BUCK’s plate this year for super talent? Well, they’re just getting started. Bringing back the popular Summer Sun Celebration concert, they have announced The Living Tombstone, Icky, and Lavender Harmony. Adding to the talent pool present will be the comic artist Heather Breckel, who will almost certainly be hosting a panel for our aspiring artists. Drawing and singing? Yes, this is definitely a brony convention. Head below the break for the full breakdown from the staff at BUCK.

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Regarding the Weekend Reader – April 6th, 2014


This is EMF. If you’ve been wondering where the Weekend Reader has gone, and why there hasn’t been a new thing in a month, that’s because I’ve been kinda busy. And lazy. Both, really.

There won’t be a Weekend Reader today. There probably won’t be a Weekend Reader next week either. However, the week after, it’s the school holidays. So the Weekend Reader will resume at some point then with five consecutive editions to put me back on track.

Thank you for your continued patience, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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MLP-MSP Two Comic-Series Guests Announced

Zander Cannon and Ted Anderson Announcement

Phew, it seems like a lot of comic artists are on guests lists everywhere in the con world this year! MLP-MSP’s latest foray in this popular movement will be comic writer Ted Anderson and cartoonist Zander Cannon from the comic series! Anderson has done work on the Pinkie Pie micro series # 5 and issue # 3, “Friends Forever,” while Zander is a co-founder of his own cartooning studio, Big Time Attic, and has drawn Source Comic Games’ variant cover of the above micro-series. Check out the full press release below!

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Radical Revelations Regarding Rainbow Rocks Released – Risky!


A few of our newspony friends are reporting on a fine spot by blog ‘All About MLP Merch‘, who have posted slides from a presentation made at Hasbro’s Australia arm last September which included information about Rainbow Rocks – 1 month before it became public. There’s some early artwork shown there, as well as information about what (or who) to expect. If you’re cool with spoilers, check out their post – there’s other interesting slides on there about the MLP brand and Rainbow Power.