MLP-MSP Two Comic-Series Guests Announced

Zander Cannon and Ted Anderson Announcement

Phew, it seems like a lot of comic artists are on guests lists everywhere in the con world this year! MLP-MSP’s latest foray in this popular movement will be comic writer Ted Anderson and cartoonist Zander Cannon from the comic series! Anderson has done work on the Pinkie Pie micro series # 5 and issue # 3, “Friends Forever,” while Zander is a co-founder of his own cartooning studio, Big Time Attic, and has drawn Source Comic Games’ variant cover of the above micro-series. Check out the full press release below!

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Radical Revelations Regarding Rainbow Rocks Released – Risky!


A few of our newspony friends are reporting on a fine spot by blog ‘All About MLP Merch‘, who have posted slides from a presentation made at Hasbro’s Australia arm last September which included information about Rainbow Rocks – 1 month before it became public. There’s some early artwork shown there, as well as information about what (or who) to expect. If you’re cool with spoilers, check out their post – there’s other interesting slides on there about the MLP brand and Rainbow Power.

BronyExpo New VA Guest: Vincent Tong

BronyExpo over in Alberta has announced its third VA guest of honor – the voices of Donut Joe, Garble the Dragon, Prince Blueblood and, probably most importantly, Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls, Vincent Tong!

Vincent is also known for a variety of his other roles voice acting, including Yatsuda from Death Note, and will join Andrea Libman and Michael Daingerfield at the West Edmonton convention this July. You can see him in the guest list over on the BronyExpo website, and you can grab your pass for the event on their IndieGogo page.

Hub Network Announces Two New MLP Spin-off Shows

derpibooru "suggestive"

Taking a quick break from our ongoing Stoat coverage to go back to our roots, The Hub Network have announced not one, but TWO exciting spin-offs of My Little Pony coming very soon! Whether you’re into Ponies over 1,000% larger than usual in ‘My Biggest Pony’, or in an Anime Sci-Fi adventure in ‘My Little Pony: Dragonfire’, there will be a My Little Pony for you – unless, of course, you’re waiting for My Little Stoaty like we are. Check out the awesome trailers for these definitely-real shows after the break.

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StoatCon 2015 Announced


That’s right, we’ve got big news! StoatCon has just officially been announced for 2015! They haven’t given us an updated banner yet, so we’re just going to use last year’s banner and hope nostoaty notices.

What’s StoatCon, you ask? Why, it’s only the biggest place in the entire world for broats to hang out! They’ve already got an entire list of events set up in their press release after the break, so make sure to check it out and spread the word. Based on the guest announcements and panels that are already in the works, this is going to be pretty incredible. Stay tuned for more announcements coming your way from the convention staff of StoatCon!

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Stoatareader Looks Into: Rabbits

Smug Stoat-OptimizedWe all know that stoats are incredible creatures, able to sneak around and catch prey several times larger than them. What do they eat, though? They live in frigid temperatures most often, so the animals that they hunt are sparse. They have to find something truly delicious to snack on from day to day.

Enter rabbits. What are these long-eared creatures doing on the dinner plate? One would think that they may be too big for a stoat to catch… and whoever thinks that is mistaken. The magnificent stoat totally pwns them.

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Website Rebranded To The Daily Stoat


Effective from today, we have updated our website to reflect a growing number of fans who have felt that we do not report enough on an often ignored issue – Stoats! Expect all the latest news and some fascinating facts on this adorable yet badass animal that is definitely not a weasel.

Welcome to The Daily Stoat!