Seeds of Kindness Reports From Africa

All children4

Anyone want an update on how Seeds of Kindness is doing? Well, you’re in luck! They’ve just released a report provided by Your Siblings on the difference that they’ve made in the world, thanks to the bronies who have donated. If you were ever wondering where your money was going or just want to know how much of an impact we’ve made on the lives of some, head after the break for their full report.

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Everfree Northwest Announcement Compilation



Everfree Northwest is looming over the horizon, and that means that last minute updates for those procrastinators out there. You know who you are. . . . Inside this update, there is information on supporter badges, volunteering opportunities, vendor page stuffs, hotels, and a general announcement about the events going during the convention. Procrastinators, find the press release after the break . . . tomorrow. You can always find more information on the other cons here.

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Important Trotcon Announcement!


Trotcon has an important announcement for those of you who purchased sponsor badges regarding the VIP dinner! In addition, be sure to tune in soon for some serious convention coverage right here at The Daily Oat!

Attention all you amazing sponsor badge holders! We have sent out information about the VIP dinner to the email you registered with. Please reply to the email before June 12th, 2013. If you do not RSVP you may not be able to attend the dinner, as we have to give a final count to the restaurant by the 12th.
If you end up missing the VIP dinner, don’t worry: there will be other exclusive chances to meet our guests throughout the weekend.
See you all in less than two weeks!

Scootareader Looks Into: Brand Loyalty

Scootaloo in the Rain

There are many things that capture interests; there are small, seemingly meaningless endeavors that we decide to pursue for nothing more than a satisfaction of having done them. Occasionally, this will lead to other relevant interests based on a certain relationship to the original source material.

There are many different forms that brand loyalty can take, and in this case, ponies is the brand that the fandom unites under. However, there are varying degrees of loyalty held by the fandom that is unique to just about every brony. Where do we draw the line?

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Lindsey Needs Help!



We’re about a month late in getting this out, but help doesn’t stop being needed overnight, and we just recently got word of this. Today is Lindsey’s sixth birthday, and she needs help. For years now, she has been battling cancer, and her family is up to their ears in debt. At the rate things are going, her family will lose their home; we know this won’t bode well for her. If you’d like the full story, you can head here for what she’s been through as written by her brother, Jason (that brony in the picture). You can also head below the break to watch a video in which Lindsey plays with the ponies her brother has given her. If any time is a good time to give what you can, it would be now.

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TrotCon Posts Convention Schedule

TrotCon 2012 Banner   Because 2013 isn’t retro enough, we decided to use last year’s banner for tonight’s post.

To those who are attending TrotCon, they have published their convention schedule here. They have all kinds of crazy events planned, from explaining Homestuck to Mad Libs, for your entertainment pleasure. If you’re attending, make sure to have a good time, because if you don’t, you didn’t try hard enough.

24 hour Seeds of Kindness 3/Traveling Pony Museum fundraiser tomorrow


Like tuning into awesome livestream events in the name of great things for bronies? So do we! According to those holding the event, Bronies for Good, The Traveling Pony Museum, The Brony Show, and Ponys Live Now (not sure if it’s Ponies or Ponys, they said Ponys) will all be hosting a full 24-hour livestream with plenty of giveaways and events planned. The stream, when it happens, will be located here. Make sure to show up and give your support! Head after the break for the full breakdown of what’s being given away and some specifics of what’s going on during the livestream.

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Galacon: Bronies for Good Art Gallery and Charity Auction

Galacon Pony


Thought that Galacon’s only big event was the gala? Surely you jest! This year, Galacon will be having an art gallery full of submissions from members of the art community to showcase some of the artistic talent held by some of our bronies. If you’re an artist and would like to strut your stuff, or are interested in learning more about the gallery, head here to do so.

Additionally, Galacon now has their charity auction donations open! All of the proceeds that result from the auction will go to Bronies for Good, who will ensure that all of that money will go to a great cause. Head here for more information on the auction. If you’d like to read Galacon’s words on the matter, past the break as usual!

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