The Hub Continues To Grow Over Q4 – Thanks to Ponies and Pets

There’s some good news coming out of Hub HQ regarding the last three months of 2012. Their viewing figures are continuing to grow, with Q4 being the 5th consecutive month of improvement in viewing figures. Much of that is to do with the introduction of the Littlest Pet Shop revamp, which of course employs many people working on MLP. The numbers are impressive and look really healthy for the network, which should mean more ponies in the future with a new series.

The 2-hour block on Saturday mornings featuring the two shows side-to-side has been the most impressive – on last year, 75% more kids 2-11 are watching during this time, with women 18-49 up 97% and adults 18-49 up 95%. For those 3 months, it was actually LPS that was the top show for kids 2-11, with MLP coming in at 2nd place (although these figures won’t include those who watch the show abroad or through *cough* other means).

If you want to see the full Nielsen figures, you can check out their press release over on their website right here!

Happy New Year from The Daily Oat

Well. 2012. That was a bit mental, huh? We’ve had so many ups and downs, the website is now being short listed for a new ride at Disneyland. In terms of positives, we’ve made the leap from a small daily post over on Ponychan to a fully-fledged news website. We’ve welcomed lots of new friends to the fold, and we’re hoping to introduce new features in the New Year that should expand the experience for all our readers. But we’re all just glad we’re all here at the end of the year, after one of our team, Gearbox, nearly dying in a severe car crash. Thankfully he’s OK and as dysfunctional as he ever was, and will soon be back in that Bamboo cage working on the My Little Dashie visual novel.

It’s been a big year of change for the website – and for those who haven’t noticed, our grand leader ARGH has took a sabbatical for the website for the time being, leaving us in charge. Although it all looks normal on the front, we’re still beating up in a crazed frenzy behind the scenes. Thankfully, myself (Yup) and Four String have been declared Kings of the Horde, so are currently Editors in Chief. We’re all hoping to take the website into a great new future, and be a place for all Bronies to visit and enjoy over the next year.

On behalf of all us at The Daily Oat, we thank you sincerely for visiting our fledgling website – you’re the ones who motivate us to keep going, and dedicating our time to creating more  news content about a little girl’s cartoon show. We hope you have a brilliant New Year’s Eve, and wish you all the best for the following year.

The Daily Oat’s Top Pony Songs of 2012

Music has always been an integral part of the brony fandom, but in 2012, the stage and overall girth of content not only grew — so did the audience. The fandom continued to grow at an exceptional pace, providing a changing array of musicians throwing their hats (fedoras, mostly) into the fold, and the music community was featured visibly in higher-end publications such as The Daily Dot and Rolling Stone.

The sheer amount of songs released each week specifically about ponies seemed to increase every time, meaning there would be a plethora of possibilities for the best of the best at year’s end. From big names to fledgling rookies, the pony music community has no shortage of viable candidates for the spot, and plenty will have their own opinions on who topped 2012.

Like us at The Daily Oat, naturally.

Think of this list — our best of 2012 — as inclusive but incomplete. Few have heard every tune ever to grace the pony airwaves, and there’s bound to be that next big thing that’s flown under the radar. Maybe you’ll hear it here. Maybe you won’t. Regardless, this list is meant to be a sampling of the best you might have heard this year, coming from the minds of our staff. It’s in no particular order, as ranking these songs could get… well, a bit hectic. Everyone’s a critic, after all.

You’re bound to have your own opinions, though — and we want to hear them. Drop us a line in the comments to tell us your favorites of the year, and in the meantime, peruse the songs that made us smile, smile, smile.

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Big Apple Ponycon Reveals New Guests for 2013 Con

New York’s Big Apple Ponycon went on a bit of a guest-announcing spree over the last few days, prior to the rise in ticket prices (currently at $65 for two days) at the March convention, with a plethora of guests ranging from musicians to former associates of the show in its early days.

BAP will host the Coltella Music Festival during its run, with Mic the Microphone, Omnipony and more already announced to be performing. Joining them includes rocker Cyril the Wolf, Silva Hound, rapper extraordinaire, and Sprocket Doggingsworth of “Equestrian National Anthem” fame.

The con also announced Joe Strike, an animation journalist who helped promote “My Little Pony” during its first generation and appeared at Bronycon in September 2011.

Finally, Alicorn Radio joins similarly-minded Celestia Radio, Bronyville and The Brony Show as media guests at the convention.

For more information on guests, location, registration and more, visit

-Four String

New Episode – ‘Spike At Your Service’


Episode 9, and the last before a short break into the new year, by the looks of it. This one looks to be a goody though – with a bit more Applejack for those who still think she isn’t a background character.

iTunes derped again and posted the new episode online before it aired, which I guess is better than forgetting to do it altogether. As such we now have both links to them and YouTube. But if you like to play it Old Skool, then you can catch the episode on The Hub at the usual time – 10.30am EST, 7.30am PST, 3.30pm GMT and 4.30 CET – or on the Livestreams linked after the break.

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Trotcon Announces Community Guest from EFN, More


Yo dawg, I heard you like pony con guest announcements. Should that be the case, Trotcon’s got you covered today (Dec. 28).

The Ohio convention, which will be held this June, will feature Emily Jones, one of the hosts of Everfree Network’s “Pegasisters Live,” Summer Hayes of the long-running My Little Pony Fair (taking place this July in Indianapolis, Ind.) and pony/Pokemon artist Purple Kecleon.

For a full press release from the con organizers, head on down after the break.

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Episode Preview: ‘Spike At Your Service’

Dragonborn is a Dragon. Your argument is invalid.

Entertainment Weekly have uploaded their preview of this weekend’s episode, and its a pretty perilous situation for Spike. The style of animation used in this part of the episode looks pretty different – the Timberwolves seem to be animated in a Half 2D/Half 3D style. This may have been used earlier in the series, but from recollection I can’t remember which one. Never mind – you can check out the article on EW here, or check out the video embed after the break.

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