Big Apple Ponycon Reveals New Guests for 2013 Con

New York’s Big Apple Ponycon went on a bit of a guest-announcing spree over the last few days, prior to the rise in ticket prices (currently at $65 for two days) at the March convention, with a plethora of guests ranging from musicians to former associates of the show in its early days.

BAP will host the Coltella Music Festival during its run, with Mic the Microphone, Omnipony and more already announced to be performing. Joining them includes rocker Cyril the Wolf, Silva Hound, rapper extraordinaire, and Sprocket Doggingsworth of “Equestrian National Anthem” fame.

The con also announced Joe Strike, an animation journalist who helped promote “My Little Pony” during its first generation and appeared at Bronycon in September 2011.

Finally, Alicorn Radio joins similarly-minded Celestia Radio, Bronyville and The Brony Show as media guests at the convention.

For more information on guests, location, registration and more, visit

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New Episode – ‘Spike At Your Service’


Episode 9, and the last before a short break into the new year, by the looks of it. This one looks to be a goody though – with a bit more Applejack for those who still think she isn’t a background character.

iTunes derped again and posted the new episode online before it aired, which I guess is better than forgetting to do it altogether. As such we now have both links to them and YouTube. But if you like to play it Old Skool, then you can catch the episode on The Hub at the usual time – 10.30am EST, 7.30am PST, 3.30pm GMT and 4.30 CET – or on the Livestreams linked after the break.

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Trotcon Announces Community Guest from EFN, More


Yo dawg, I heard you like pony con guest announcements. Should that be the case, Trotcon’s got you covered today (Dec. 28).

The Ohio convention, which will be held this June, will feature Emily Jones, one of the hosts of Everfree Network’s “Pegasisters Live,” Summer Hayes of the long-running My Little Pony Fair (taking place this July in Indianapolis, Ind.) and pony/Pokemon artist Purple Kecleon.

For a full press release from the con organizers, head on down after the break.

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Episode Preview: ‘Spike At Your Service’

Dragonborn is a Dragon. Your argument is invalid.

Entertainment Weekly have uploaded their preview of this weekend’s episode, and its a pretty perilous situation for Spike. The style of animation used in this part of the episode looks pretty different – the Timberwolves seem to be animated in a Half 2D/Half 3D style. This may have been used earlier in the series, but from recollection I can’t remember which one. Never mind – you can check out the article on EW here, or check out the video embed after the break.

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Alternate Scripts for Magic Duel & Wonderbolt Academy Revealed

It’s interesting to reflect on how the show is amended frequently to produce Da Magicks we all know and love – whether it’s reworked songs or animation adjustments. So it’s interesting to spot a few new snippets of script that aren’t able to make the final cut.

M.A. Larson, the crazy bloke who wrote Magic Duel, first released a part of the script that comes after Trixie picks up the faux Amulet, involving a cameo by a caged Mayor Mare. What’s ironic is that part of it was a line of this was leaked by him a while back to troll followers. You can see his tweet here – check out the image linked on there.

Soon after, the writer for the recent Wonderbolt Academy episode, Meghan McCarthy, also put up a couple of omissions that she briefly mentioned before its airing – including a not-so-disappointing result for Lightning Dust and a “less ambiguous final ending”. You can check these out over on her Twitter account here and here.

Whether you think these changes were for the better or the worse, it’s up to you. You have to decide. YOU HAVE TO DECIDE.

Big Apple Ponycon Announce ‘Bronyville’ Hosts

New York’s Big Apple Ponycon will be joined by a pair of veteran podcasters at its debut iteration this March.

Apple Cider and Chef Sandy, of long-running “MLP: FIM” podcast “Bronyville,” will make an appearance at the Brooklyn con, which already features such guests as Tara Strong, Andy Price and Katie Cook, as well as fandom stalwarts Mic the Microphone, Rina-chan, Celestia Radio and more.

In addition, ticket prices for the con, held Mar. 23-24 at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, will increase to $68 from its original $50 on Dec. 28, or this coming Friday.

-Four String

Bronies for Good Fully Funds Ugandan Orphanage Project

Xmas is Magic

Following its successful charity livestream last Saturday (Dec. 22), Bronies for Good has released the fruits of the fundraiser, which included a special guest appearance by “MLP: FIM” creator Lauren Faust, among many others.

All told, the charity announced that the fundraiser has fully funded its Ugandan orphanage project and has raised additional money to support a similar project by Engineers Without Borders.

To check out the full press release from Bronies for Good, head down after the break.

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Merry Christmas from The Daily Oat

On behalf of everyone here at The Daily Oat, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We hope today has, and will remain to be, a great day full of love and kindness. If you’ve been lucky enough to get some excellent pony swag this year, go ahead and share it with us here or over on that social networking thing. Oh, and in the spirit of Xmas, here are a couple of complimentary wallpapers made by – erm, us. And if you don’t follow the holidays, then we love you too.

Kind regards,

The Daily Oat team.

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