Details of Galacon 2013 Confirmed

Guten Abend, Deutsche Bronies! Sprechen sie Pony? Well, next year’s Galacon Convention for next year has been confirmed for the 3rd-4th August 2013, and is due to be another big event for Bronies across mainland Europe. So much so that they’ve decided to move the convention a few kilometres outside of Stuttgart to a bigger venue! Check out their press release sent to us after the break for more information!

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Volunteers Needed for BUCK

Are you British? Are you a Brony? Do you have a strong need for doing something good with that? Well, good news – the Brony UK Convention are looking for volunteers for next year’s event. The event this year in Manechester went excellently, and they’re looking to make next year even bigger, so naturally that needs a helluva lot of people helping. To see how you can help, check out their Press Release after the break.

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More Details On MLP Mobile Game

As you may or may not have heard, Gameloft will soon be releasing a game based on the ever expanding FiM franchise. Well, over the past week, a lot more information has leaked out. The first good sighting we seen was at the pop-up MLP show in New York over the weekend, where a playable demo was alongside some other fashionista goodies. Since then, some official information has popped up from Gameloft, triggering some attention from outside the community. The premise of the game seems fairly simple: you play as Twilight rebuilding Ponyville for some reason or another, with plenty of mini-games and additional characters to keep players entertained, along with the standard in-app purchases allowing earlier access to extra characters. One interesting thing to note – the characters themselves are expressed in some sort of semi-3D format (copyright Yup Industries 2012) which is quite interesting when compared to the relatively 2D community you need to create. For more images, check out the article written by Touch Arcade here. We don’t have a release date yet, but things are looking like it could be sooner rather than later!

Music Review – ‘Lullaby For A Princess’

Some of you may have already heard about Ponyphonic: despite the low number of his known productions, he still managed to have an article on the My Little Pony: Fan Labour Wiki about his beautiful song “The Moon Rises”, about Luna’s sorrow and bitterness just before turning into Nightmare Moon. If you want more info, check the article on the wiki: it’s pretty well done.

Another remarkable work is an impressive “Winter Wrap Up” cover, sang with a warm and calm voice that sets a soft atmosphere (which apparently is part of the author’s style). However, here today I would like to talk about his latest work: “Lullaby for a Princess”.

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Ponies Comic Pre-Orders Hit 90,000, Hell Freezes Over

We were gonna make a post for FiM’s 2 Year Anniversary showing how far its come since the Pilot, but I think this is a great enough example. The inaugural copy of the MLP Comic Book and its accompanying sets have already achieved pre-order figures of over 90,000 – the book isn’t actually due out until the end of November! That means its already sold out recent copies of some more, shall we say, other traditional comics like The Uncanny X-Men. Its another testament to how big this fandom has become, and to the brilliant work being put in by Katie Cook, Andy Price and everyone else at IDW Comics. Roll on 28th November, when we’ll see the first of thousands upon thousands of these comics heading to a store near you. HT to Round Stable for the tip!