Music Review – ‘Lullaby For A Princess’

Some of you may have already heard about Ponyphonic: despite the low number of his known productions, he still managed to have an article on the My Little Pony: Fan Labour Wiki about his beautiful song “The Moon Rises”, about Luna’s sorrow and bitterness just before turning into Nightmare Moon. If you want more info, check the article on the wiki: it’s pretty well done.

Another remarkable work is an impressive “Winter Wrap Up” cover, sang with a warm and calm voice that sets a soft atmosphere (which apparently is part of the author’s style). However, here today I would like to talk about his latest work: “Lullaby for a Princess”.

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Ponies Comic Pre-Orders Hit 90,000, Hell Freezes Over

We were gonna make a post for FiM’s 2 Year Anniversary showing how far its come since the Pilot, but I think this is a great enough example. The inaugural copy of the MLP Comic Book and its accompanying sets have already achieved pre-order figures of over 90,000 – the book isn’t actually due out until the end of November! That means its already sold out recent copies of some more, shall we say, other traditional comics like The Uncanny X-Men. Its another testament to how big this fandom has become, and to the brilliant work being put in by Katie Cook, Andy Price and everyone else at IDW Comics. Roll on 28th November, when we’ll see the first of thousands upon thousands of these comics heading to a store near you. HT to Round Stable for the tip!

News on Gearbox


You might remember a little while ago we told you that our writer andgood friend Keegan, or ‘Gearbox’, was badly hurt in a car crash. And for a while, we weren’t sure whether he would make it. Well the good news is – he did! He’s currently recovering in hospital after a few operations and pulling chunks of glass out of his arm during our group Skype chats, but the main thing is we should have our usual Gearbox back and helping to create awesome sometime soon. Thanks for the well wishes sent in, and to his brother who kept us in the loop about his recovery. And Gear – you rock.

Bronycon OC Contest Winner Announced!

The votes have been tallied and bronies have chosen their pick for the official pony mascots of Bronycon. Jade Aurora of Bronycon PR tells more below!

Well, we’ve been pushing and plugging it for weeks. We’ve been throwing the hype stick at it as much as we can. Heck, we’ve even been having a running countdown to it over on our twitter ( And it’s finally ready. You, the fandom have spoken, and selected your favorite, and now we’re ready to reveal it.

We here at BronyCon are pleased to announce that our Mascots will be Hoof Beatz, Mane Event, and Blank Canvas; pictured above! It really was a close race, at one point, actually being down to a thirty vote margin. That’s part of what’s made this voting contest so fantastic was just how heated things have been.

So everyone, give SophieCabra your congratulations for a job well done; and welcome Hoof Beatz, Mane Event, and Blank Canvas to the Pony Convention community! You’re going to be seeing quite a lot of them in the future.

Congratulations to SophieCabra from The Daily Oat for a job well done and securing the win for the official OCs of Bronycon.

About Music and Bronies

Winter Wrap Up

What appears to be one of the most astonishing aspects about the “My Little Pony” phenomenon is the musical one. I think few, if any, in our community never listened to at least one brony song and enjoyed it. There are a lot of different kinds of musicians in our community, from Dubstep to Electronic Pop, Pop Rock, Synthesized Orchestral, even Classical. It would be easy to say, there’s plenty for every kind of tastes.

But, before we go and analyse brony musicians, let’s stop just one moment to think about it. Why the Bronies? “Avatar: The Last Airbender” has been a huge event in animation and story telling and it has a numerous fanbase. Why musicians in that fanbase appear to be less productive than in ours? I think it is because music isn’t the main thing that strikes the attention in ATLA. Sure, it is well written and performed, but it’s mostly soundtracks and not actual musical numbers. In “Friendship is Magic”, music is one of the main aspects of what makes it a unique show.

How many of you can actually say that the “Winter Wrap Up” theme didn’t engage them the very first time they saw it? I bet very few. And you know why? There is a really good reason for it: it is a good song.

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‘Discord’ remix, it’s a good ‘un!

Lavender Harmony, or ‘LavenderHmusic’ on youtube, has uploaded a remix of ‘Discord’ by Eurobeat Brony. This Drum and Bass remix is certainly something you want on your hard drive (not just because there’s a free high quality download in the description) but because Lavender uses the drums to give the remix a toe tapping beat and a techno feel while using a piano to give it a more uplifting and harmonizing feel with the vocals. Just incase that hasn’t persuaded you to give it a listen, Odyssey himself said it was good so get on over there! (The background is pretty sweet too)