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SF Weekly Discusses Surprising Greatness of Equestria Girls


Okay, so if you’ve read as many reviews as we at The Daily Oat have, you’ve probably figured out that a large majority of moviegoers enjoyed the Equestria Girls movie. This article, as with the previous, focuses somewhat on the positive aspects, such as wanting to see it again while it was still in theaters… but also has some disappointments to mention, namely with Hasbro. Head over here to check out the full article.

Mamamia Shuns Equestria Girls



You know… so far, the only people I’ve seen having issue with Equestria Girls are the mothers. The children don’t seem to mind the toys, or the movie. Every mom I’ve seen who incorporates their childrens’ feelings into their article seems to write a positive article, whereas mothers who simply “know” what children think and feel write articles like this one here. Excuse me while I go wash the hypocrisy off me.

More Than Your Average Mom Writes About Equestria Girls (Plus Raffle)

My Little Pony

Gentlemen, this is what children watching Equestria Girls looks like. Note the faces of rapt interest, rather than the visages of horror we like to imagine. A mother reviewed her new DVD of the movie, which can be located here, as well as a raffle for a free Equestria Girls DVD. For those of you who don’t know, this is actually the second raffle we’ve posted; if you would like double the chances at winning a free DVD, then you can head over here to enter another. Good luck!

Anderson Vision Releases Equestria Girls Article



With the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack’s impending release to the masses, we may see a few more articles about it, such as this one here. It’s got two tactful (and kinda spoilery, if you really mind) clips to complement their review, and is recommended, though there is some honest negative critique (which I do agree with). Still haven’t seen the movie yet? You don’t need to wait much longer!

Real Mom Reviews Talks About Equestria Girls


Would you believe me if I told you it was positive? Well, surprise! It totally is!

Today, we receive a review from Real Mom Reviews on the Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girl. She describes her past as a young girl who loved ponies, then talks about her daughter going on journeys with her new Equestria Girls doll and the matching Twilight Sparkle figurine. Nothing about unrealistic proportions. Nothing about sexifying My Little Pony. This is probably the best review I’ve read in a long, long time.

Dodge Globe Reviews Equestria Girls DVD



We are rolling with the anime Equestria Girls theme today. And with that, the Dodge Globe has released an interesting review on the upcoming DVD and Blu Ray version of Equestria Girls. It is rather well written and insightful. Go ahead and give it a look! But there is a small warning: something is wrong with their site, and it will load up with a massive text wall of code. Just scroll down, and you will find the review. Someone should tell them to fix that, though. . . .