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Everfree Northwest Music Announcement

EFNW2013-announce-musicAnyone ready to rock Seattle again this year? Well, Everfree Northwest has just announced their Ponystock roster of 20 musicians, plus a few music panels for the convention! To those who are attending, prepare to have an awesome time. They’ve got music from all over the board, all of which can be found after the break. If you haven’t signed up for the convention already, things will only get better as things progress. You may also see Rocktavia and me (Scootareader)!

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Fiesta Equestria Announces Michelle Creber

fiesta equestria banner


When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. When in Houston, you go to Fiesta Equestria!

This time around, the convention is announcing Michelle Creber, singing voice for Squeaky Belle and Apple Bloom. While attending, Creber will also be opening with the rest of her band, Hey Ocean!, on Friday night for the convention’s concert. Head past the break for the full announcement from the convention.

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BronyCon Announces Voice Actor Michelle Creber

Since BronyCon needed a person to fill the spot of the “adorable, huggable human being,” everyone can rejoice with the news of Michelle Creber being confirmed coming to the con. I am really hoping she comes in full SNL skit gear because that was fantastic. Don’t fear the triangle, children. Full press release below the break. More information on this con and the rest of the cons going on this year are here.

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Equestria LA Interviews



Looks like the Everfree Network has recently done an interview on the folks hosting Equestria LA; head on over here to see what they have to say!

To those who don’t know, Everfree Network is a multimedia outlet that seeks to provide bronies with as much interactive and intuitive information as possible, and Equestria LA is a big brony convention that will be happening this year. A quick reference guide for Equestria LA and all the other conventions can be found in the Daily Oat Convention Guide.

Everfree Northwest Announces Michelle Creber!

Joining the guest list once again this year is the one and only, Michelle Creber. So, prepare yourselves to be graced and enlightened by her voice, because that is how this writer feels about her voice. Either way, whether you are enlightened or not, enjoy her singing some sweet music. Full press release below the break. For more info on all the other cons going on, just go here.

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