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Everfree Northwest Music Announcement

EFNW2013-announce-musicAnyone ready to rock Seattle again this year? Well, Everfree Northwest has just announced their Ponystock roster of 20 musicians, plus a few music panels for the convention! To those who are attending, prepare to have an awesome time. They’ve got music from all over the board, all of which can be found after the break. If you haven’t signed up for the convention already, things will only get better as things progress. You may also see Rocktavia and me (Scootareader)!

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TrotCon 2013 – Music Announcement featuring Eurobeat Bacon, Sonic Breakfast and More!



Fun fact: If you try to save this picture, the name will be “totcon-resized.png.” How delicious.

TrotCon has quite a sizeable post after the break detailing the musical talent that will be attending TotCon this year. Among some of the headlining artists are Eurobeat Brony, SgtWhip, and Mogul Dash, though there are many more! Things seem to be shaping up very nicely for this convention so far; as Pinkie Pie would say, “I’ve got the music in me!

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Bronycon Adds Alex S., Odyssey Eurobeat, More to Bronypalooza Concert


Just because Bronycon moved to Baltimore doesn’t mean it’s scrapping all its old programming. The con is holding Bronypalooza, a pony music-themed concert, in 2013 after a successful run in 2012, and has just announced its second wave of performers to be entertaining when the con begins in August.

The talent pool is even wider than before in this wave. Joining the roster include DannyBrony, DerpyGrooves, Alex S, OmniPony, BronyMike, Odyssey Eurobeat, F3nning, SMOR3S and Red Woolen Colts—a band featuring HardCopy, Tarby, DerpyGrooves, HeyLasFas, Cyril, Equestrian Strumpet and NewWorldMare.

The newest additions to the lineup join TheLiving Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Silva Hound and more as performing at the con, which will take place Aug. 2-4 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.

For a complete listing of musical guests, visit the con’s Bronypalooza page. Head on down after the break for the full press release.

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