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Equestria Girls – Two Sides of the Coin

There’s been a lot said about this new dynamic venture for the MLP Brand – soon we shall see our favourite characters a lot more anthropomorphic than we expect, dealing with an issue that’s a lot more relatable to the core demographic – High School. Next month, theatres will open to a feature-length episode that has threatened to tear the overall fandom apart once again. Whether you’re for or against the ‘Equestria Girls’ franchise, we will keep you informed about all the latest goings-on and newest developments about this important crossroads in this community’s life cycle. As a result of the controversy, The Daily Oat camp is split across whether this will be the best thing since diced bread, or a mushroom cloud of failure. Therefore, to avoid overall bias towards either side, we have given you the two extremes of what we believe – firstly, the negative side highlighted by pro-scribe Jroddie; and secondly. the positive side put by our resident tea-drinker Yup. What side you fall on is up to you – but we just want to get this out the way and shove the debate onto you, the readers.

Let battle commence, sort of!

New Episode Commercial

It looks like DHX and The Hub are really trying hard to make sure the season finale is as awesome as possible – and by the looks of the latest commercial for the next episode, it’s one step closer to mission accomplished. The hints we’ve seen about the return of DJ Pon-3 have been confirmed, too. As a victi-I mean, suff-I mean, viewer of the Royal Wedding last year, this looks way more better. Check the video after the break, and the first of the episodes this Saturday.

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