GalaCon Announces VAs and Major Fandom Names to its Guest List


GalaCon is adding a whole heap of VAs and fandom notables alike for this year’s convention. The German voices of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, Jennifer Weiß and Julia Meynen, respectively, will be making an appearance, as well as EileMonty, popular international fandom voice, most commonly known as Button’s Mom (may she and her family recover from their acute attacks of DMCA), as well as master of party lights, LaserPon3! Stay after for the full press release. Continue reading

BUCK announces Acoustic Brony… with a full Rock Band!


Things we learned from news today: AcousticBrony is actually two guys!

On the list of BUCK’s news for today, they have announced the presence of AcousticBrony and Addictia for the UK-based convention. For those in the brony music scene, these names are likely quite familiar, as they make some pretty awesome music. For those who are not in the brony music scene, we totally suggest that you totally listen to these guys, seeing as pretty awesome music is… well… pretty awesome. If you’d like to see what BUCK has to say on their newly announced talent, more information can be found below the break!

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Vulture Reports on “Bob’s Burgers” Episode Themed Around Bronies


Who knows what might happen! For those who don’t know what Bob’s Burgers is, it’s a TV show centered around a family that runs a hamburger shop, somewhat like The Simpsons, except it has more mature and less silly humor, so most consider it closer to King of the Hill.

Don’t let the little “FOX” logo in the bottom-right of the picture fool you; this show is centuries ahead of FOX News. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, but this episode certainly isn’t intended as an insult! For those who want to read more about it and see a few little snippets of the episode that aired, you can check out the article right over here. If we’re any heralds of future bandwagons, this “Equesticles” thing may totally take off.

“My Little Investigations” Fan Game Released


And there was much rejoicing. To those who don’t know what My Little Investigations is, it’s one of the flagship games of the brony gamers, a much anticipated and welcome addition to the repertoire of pony games that are out. For those looking for more information on the game, you can check out their FAQ over here. To those who already know what it is and would like to download it, you can go ahead and grab that here. For those looking to see what the developers have to say on the game, the release video and some choice words can be found below the break!

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BUCK Announces Prince Whateverer, General Mumble, and HMage


A news insider, codename Celestia’s Plot, told us that the money BUCK saved by only putting Prince Whateverer’s name on the banner is going straight toward making the concert that these three will be a part of even more off the hook. There’s no actual news insider, but BUCK is still going to have an awesome convention with awesome guests, and the Summer Sun Celebration concert is just icing on the cake! Check out everything that the BUCK staff have to say in the customary place below the break.

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BronyCon Announces Terry Klassen


Comic artists? Animators? VAs? How bout one of the directors that keeps it all together and brings out the best of a diverse and talented group? In this regard, this year BronyCon is proud to present to you Terry Klassen, the voice director for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His unique perspective on the show, and the diversity of his work, ranging from Dragon Ball Z to Ed, Edd n Eddy, should give con attendees a very special experience indeed. For the whole press release, stay for below the break. Continue reading

Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend April 18th-20th!


Hoowhee! Another open server weekend for Legends of Equestria will be happening April 18th-20th! So register in the legendsofequestria forums first as soon as possible (before the servers get busy), and get ready to have pony vidya fun and witness any further improvements the game has made in its development thus far. The necessary links are, as always, below in the press release. Continue reading

BUCK Announces Heather Breckel, The Living Tombstone, and more!


So, what’s on BUCK’s plate this year for super talent? Well, they’re just getting started. Bringing back the popular Summer Sun Celebration concert, they have announced The Living Tombstone, Icky, and Lavender Harmony. Adding to the talent pool present will be the comic artist Heather Breckel, who will almost certainly be hosting a panel for our aspiring artists. Drawing and singing? Yes, this is definitely a brony convention. Head below the break for the full breakdown from the staff at BUCK.

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Regarding the Weekend Reader – April 6th, 2014


This is EMF. If you’ve been wondering where the Weekend Reader has gone, and why there hasn’t been a new thing in a month, that’s because I’ve been kinda busy. And lazy. Both, really.

There won’t be a Weekend Reader today. There probably won’t be a Weekend Reader next week either. However, the week after, it’s the school holidays. So the Weekend Reader will resume at some point then with five consecutive editions to put me back on track.

Thank you for your continued patience, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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