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MLP-MSP Two Comic-Series Guests Announced

Zander Cannon and Ted Anderson Announcement

Phew, it seems like a lot of comic artists are on guests lists everywhere in the con world this year! MLP-MSP’s latest foray in this popular movement will be comic writer Ted Anderson and cartoonist Zander Cannon from the comic series! Anderson has done work on the Pinkie Pie micro series # 5 and issue # 3, “Friends Forever,” while Zander is a co-founder of his own cartooning studio, Big Time Attic, and has drawn Source Comic Games’ variant cover of the above micro-series. Check out the full press release below!

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BABSCon Announces Three New IDW Artists to their Lineup!

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Wow, BABSCon is looking to be especially amazing this year it seems, based on their extensive lineup! Along with Andy Price, BABSCon has just announced the adding of Heather Breckel, Tony Fleecs, and Heather Nuhfer to the IDW group. With so many of our show’s very own comics having been released (what, are they up to twenty by now?), it would be almost unfair and unrepresentative to the fans not to include more of the talented artists into the con fold. These artists that have contributed so much to ponydom… enjoy their time and friendship at BABSCon this year! For the full press release chock full of links to the individual artists’ pages, stay after the break. Continue reading

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #1 Preview Available


Four days until this comic is released in its entirety. Just four days. Oh, who are we kidding? Episodes are only once a week, we’ve already looked up all the spoilers for the upcoming episodes and other pony events, and we’re trying to refrain from saving more random pictures and music for fear that our woefully disorganized pony media folders will become even more disorganized. What else is there?

Well, there’s a great new comic coming out, but it’s four whole days away! So, what’s another spoiler? What, you mean this spoiler? Ah, just click it. Get hype over pony comics. It’s the only way to be happy with your life. Well, that and friendship. But friendship is difficult, this spoiler is a click away. Join us.

Sequential Tart Interviews Jeremy Whitley for MLP: Friends Forever


We didn’t just want to use the same comic book cover we always do (this one) for interviews with Jeremy Whitley, so we grabbed a piece of the ad at the top of the page instead. That vampire/magician/trap sure loves their carrots.

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah! Sequential Tart, a pretty awesome editorial site not altogether unlike ours, has put together an interview with Jeremy Whitley. Contained therein are his favorite show to watch with his daughter, his favorite character in the show, and how he came to be on such an awesome project in the first place. For those who aren’t already excited about the Friends Forever series coming out, it’s time to get in the loop and get hype. The carrot-loving vampire/magician/trap told us so.

BronyCon Announces Heather Breckel, Tony Fleecs

BbtOLp-CUAAjvWRIf you’ve kept up with the official comics, then you might have seen these two names appear in the top left corner a few times. Heather Breckel has been featured heavily as the colorist for the MLP Comics, whereas Tony Fleecs has created several covers and was the artist for the Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy Micro-Series books. Both will be getting in on the fun at BronyCon next summer, with more special guests and events being announced regularly (including the sexy shirts). Take a look at their Press Release after the break.

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Flayrah Reviews ‘My Little Pony: The Magic Begins’

Recently, IDW Publishing has created a graphic novel adaptation of the original two pilot episodes for My Little Pony. It is actually quite nifty, and taking the call, Flayrah makes a detailed review of this awesome little book. It tops off at 124 pages of solid material, and does a great job establishing that same mystical feeling that drew us all into the series originally. Head on over here to read the review, or head on over here to snag yourself a copy. Oh, and by the way . . . I’m back!

Unleash the Fanboy Interviews Jeremy Whitley for MLP: Friends Forever


Perhaps I’m the only one that’s hyped just from the picture above, but that may just be because Scootaloo looks adorbz.

So, this Friends Forever series is getting quite a bit of coverage after the resounding success of the core comic series plus the micro-series. So, Unleash the Fanboy has got themselves an interview with another one of the writers for us to peruse. You can check it out over here. He even admits in the interview that he married Twilight Sparkle. Okay, he said “a Twilight Sparkle,” but it’s close enough.

“My Little Pony: Friends Forever” Writer Interview Published


Are you salivating as much as we are about the new comic series being released? We hope so, because it’s coming out soon! For those who want some background concerning the new “Friends Forever” comic series being published by IDW, you can check out Comic Book Resources’ interview with writer Alex de Campi. There’s some pretty legit questions in there, and some of them are about bronies, so perhaps it’s worth checking out. It’s also pretty interesting to note that Alex de Campi is also currently writing “Grindhouse,” a horror story; perhaps we’ll see some mature undertones?