Started in 2011, The Daily Oat is a news website dedicated to My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. Our aim is to bring you the latest developments from the show and the Brony culture.

The Team

Without the team, the Daily Oat wouldn’t exist. So the Kings of the Horde editors have decided to allow their slaves team of writers to say a little something about themselves.

yup Yup. (Editor-in-Chief)
They call me Cuban Pete, I’m the king of the rhumba beat, When I play my maracas I go, Chick Chicky Boom Chick Chicky Boom
me2 Damzilicious
I’m Scottish and I write things on this here website, that’s all you need to know.
dash_silhouette_by_m99moron-d573zjq DeepAndEdgy
I’ve been too lazy to fill this out since I joined The Daily Oat, so now Scootareader has filled it in for me. I promise I’m more punctual about writing news.
 EMF Scootaloo
Local fanfic reviewer. Writer of the Weekend Reader. Very bad with deadlines. VERY bad with deadlines. Thinks best pony is a chicken. Silly. Has OC. OC is to left. Is crossbow horse. Is not a Scootaloo. Name is misleading. Bad EMF. Should be prosecuted. False advertising.
dash_silhouette_by_m99moron-d573zjq Gearbox
I’m just a poor boy.
jroddie jroddie
KING MEAL OF OAT MOUNTAIN! I do the news waaaaaay better than Scootareader does, trust me. If you ever have insomnia, read one of his articles.
rocktavia Rocktavia
I shan’t be particularly verbose nor boastful here. I will, however, say that I’m an old-fashioned gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life: good food, good friends, ponies and reporting the news. Not necessarily in that order.
     Scootaloo KFC Small Scootareader
I write news and editorials. Crazy, right?
 doctor_whooves_potrait_by_saturnspace-d4jk0oz  JustAnotherTimeLord

Welcome to the new, shorter version of things about me! There are a few things I do for the fandom: I edit here on this site; I edit for fan fiction (now reached a total of seven authors I edit for); and I do the script for a animation project I do. Besides those things, I am just your average stalker pony O_O