The Daily Oat Convention Guide 2013

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It’s official — pony convention season is upon us. Over 30 different conventions of varying sizes and programming are ready to keep the scene going strong with panels, autograph signings, hotel debauchery and perhaps some really bad pony-themed karaoke, if you’re lucky.

This guide is meant to be inclusive; as such, all cons of which we’re aware are listed on this page, regardless of how much information has actually been released about them. It is also intended to be ever-changing. The guide you see before you now may not be the same guide you see tomorrow, let alone in a few hours. Conventions are always releasing new information and announcing new guests.

The Daily Oat is interested in getting the latest convention information uploaded to this guide and notifying its readers of the change as quickly as possible. If you’re part of a con staff and want your updates sent to the source, whether it’s an announcement about registration or even the christening of a new con, send an email to Also, be sure to check out the immensely helpful spreadsheet by Foal Papers.

This map might be clickable in the future... keep checking back!

This map might be clickable in the future… keep checking back! And until then, also check out Sparklepeep’s wonderful con map.

All information has been taken from the cons themselves, either through one-on-one interviews or via websites or social media. If you see incorrect information, please contact us as soon as possible.

Note from Scootareader: We’re out of conventions for the year, it seems, but we will be leaving this up for anyone who still needs it. If you think you’ll be referencing this in 2014, make sure to bookmark it! We will be replacing the tab at the top with the convention guide for 2014.

Past Events:


Where: Manila, Philippines
When: Feb. 2
Who: Equestria Rave Radio
Venue: College of Saint Benilde Hotel, Angelo King International Center
Cost: 950php
Social Media: Facebook
In Their Words: “We’ve a lot of stuff planned for [the con],” says Macky Reyes, co-chair.  “Better performances, more fun activities, and even a charity auction.” “There’s going to be the 30 minute pony drawing contest, a commission booth with different artists… [granting] those bronies who want their OCs to come to life,” adds Pao Garcia, arts coordinator.
What to Expect: Following a 100-person debut in 2012, PHPonycon returns in 2013 as the first pony convention of the year. Taking place over one day, the con seeks to highlight the Filipino brony community while interacting through multiple events and activities. Just don’t expect any big names, says co-chair Budz Marata. “The 2012 con was relatively successful in spite of absence of special-guest appearances,” he says.  “The 2013 con will be successful in spite of the absence as well.”

Las Pegasus Unicon

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
When: Feb. 22-24
Who: Tara Strong, Amy Keating Rogers, John de Lancie, Daniel Ingram, Cindy Morrow, Nicole Oliver, Lee Tockar, Garry Chalk, Mark Oliver, Michael Daingerfield, Andrew Francis, Tabitha St. Germain, Andrea Libman, Meghan McCarthy, Michelle Creber, Britt McKillip, Cathy Weseluck, Maryke Hendrikse, Brenda Crichlow, Peter New, Sam Vincent, Trevor Devall, M.A. Larson, Andy Price
Venue: Riviera Hotel and Casino
Cost: $85 weekend, $32 Fri, $45 Sat, $34 Sun
Social Media: Facebook, @Las_Pegasus_Uni
In Their Words: “We are just planning to make Las Pegasus Unicon work in true Vegas Style, over the top.  We are doing a lot of things that many conventions either do not do or don’t think about doing.” – Sandi Adao, Con Head
What to Expect: It’s unclear whether what happens at Las Pegasus Unicon will, indeed, stay at Las Pegasus Unicon, but one thing’s certain: the startup is arguably the most talked-about new con of 2013. Boasting an impressive guest list and programming schedule, the Vegas event seems to be one of the must-attends of the year. Included in its programming are a charity auction to support College View School, a con photographer who will take pictures of congoers posing with special guests and much more. Tickets are also available for a celebrity dinner featuring many of the show guests. Viva Las Pegasus!

Cloudsdale Congress

Where: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
When: March 9-10
Who: Lee Tockar, Michelle Creber, Coconeru, Tsitra360, Silva Hound, Poni1Kenobi, Forest Rain, Jeff Burgess, Pixelkitties, F3nning, KarRedRoses, ElectroKaplosion
Venue: Holiday Inn – Historic Alexandria District
Cost: $35
Social Media: Facebook@CloudsdaleConTumblr
In Their Words: “One of the great things about bronies is just how many there are, and how many are inspired to create,” says CloudCon’s BFV. “We want to have bronies who are just starting, or who arent well-known but should be come and get noticed.”
What to Expect:  Let’s face it: not every convention is going to have show staff and big names to flank its guest list. That’s OK with Cloudsdale Congress, whose mission is to highlight some of the up-and-comers in the brony fandom while providing an unforgettable con experience — all the while featuring a few members of the show staff, including Michelle Creber, Lee Tockar and more. The con, which is located just outside of Washington, D.C., will be within reasonable distance of the nation’s capital and its many sights, but there will be plenty to do in Alexandria, including rubbing elbows with some of the brony fandom’s top musicians and artists, gaining new friendships along the way. “Anyone who wants to come to our con should be coming for the family- everyone should feel close, equal, and like they’re getting their shot,” says BFV. “Come for the big names, stay for the not-so-big!”

Big Apple Ponycon

Where: Brooklyn, New York, USA
When: March 23-24
Who: Tara Strong, Jayson Thiessen, Katie Cook, Andy Price, Jessi Nowack, Joe Strike, Stephanie Buscema, Summer Hayes, Celestia Radio, Alicorn Radio, Bronies for Good, The Brony Show, Bronystate, Brony Thank You Fund, Bronyville, Rina-chan, Ponyville Live!, The Traveling Pony Museum, Unanimous Delivers, Mic the Microphone, Silva Hound, SMOR3S, Omnipony, Eurobeat Brony, DJ Tetsuo, EHT, DjN30, Forest Rain, Sprocket Doggingsworth, Alex S., Andrea Libman
Venue: New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
Cost: $65 weekend, $40 Sat., $35 Sun.
Social Media: Facebook@BigApplePonycon
In Their Words: “We really felt like New York City deserved a con. It’s where the first brony con ever was held, and without this there wouldn’t have been any sort of brony con in New York, which we felt was wrong for New York since it’s the birthplace of the brony con.” – Gabriel “Listen Up” Roses, Head of Public Relations
What to Expect: Though Bronycon has moved on to Baltimore, the New York pony con scene will not be barren in 2013. Big Apple Ponycon looks to fill the void with a convention that will be, according to Roses, a “pans-generational con,” looking to provide a memorable experience not just for fans of the latest iteration of “My Little Pony,” but fans of past generations as well. In addition to current big names like Tara Strong and Jayson Thiessen, BAP will also welcome Joe Strike, who helped promote the franchise’s first generation,  and Summer Hayes, who publishes the definitive collectors’ guides for My Little Pony. Aside from a prime location near the Brooklyn Bridge, the con will also present the Coltella Music Festival, which will includes performances by Eurobeat Brony, Forest Rain and even the brony queen herself, Tara Strong.


Where: Lewisville, Texas, USA
When:  Mar. 28-30
Who: Matt Hill, Adam L. Humphreys, Greg Wicker, Christopher Hall, Drawponies, Rich Arons
Venue:  Hilton Garden Inn & Lewisville Convention Center
Cost: $35 before March 1, $45 after
Social Media: Facebook@bronyfest1
What to Expect: One of two currently-planned pony cons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brony-Fest already boasts Matt Hill, voice actor of the pie-loving Wonderbolt, Soarin. Much more is planned, including a rave night (with accompanying bar!), a pony swap meet and an OC competition. The con’s website also promises free NOS Energy Drinks, as per a sponsorship from the company. Wanna get jacked up on caffeine and meet some fellow bronies? Sounds like Brony-Fest is the place for you.

Crystal Mountain Pony Con

Where: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
When: April 5-6
Who: Utah Bronies Minecrafters, BogyleBronies, LaserPon3, DJ Amaya, Rina-Chan, Solrac
Venue: Red Lion Hotel Salt Lake City
Cost: $25 pre-registration, $35 weekend at the door, $20 single day
Social Media: Facebook
What to Expect: The Crystal Mountains of Equestria may have not had its due in the show just yet, but the mountain range has gained its own namesake con in Salt Lake City’s Crystal Mountain Pony Con. Formerly known as Equestricon, CMPC is a fairly affordable weekend of ponies that will include Equestrian Idol, a singing competition where all the songs are pony-related, and a PMV contest. Adds the con organizers on their website: “We urge convention goers to book a night at the Red Lion to join us in late night convention shenanigans.”


Where: Sydney, Australia
When: April 6-7
Who: Holly Giesbrecht, Evdog, Feather, Mysterious Bronie, Glitchhog, Purplefridge and Poniver, Pinkie-Guy, Replacer, Natasha Bukcavest, Chris McKenna, Oliver Lacota, Cherax Destructor, Koroshi-Ya, Korw, Meelz, Mathew McKenna, Kieron Lee
Venue: UNSW RoundHouse
Cost: AU$60 weekend, AU$40 day
Social Media: Facebook@ponyconauTumblr
What to Expect: The UNSW RoundHouse bills itself as “Sydney’s roundest live music venue.” In April, it will play host to possibly its most interesting event yet, PonyconAU. The first Australian convention of the fandom, PonyconAU will spotlight some of the community’s native sons and daughters, as well as “MLP” animator/layout artist Holly Giesbrecht. For Australian bronies, it appears to be nothing but a positive.

Equestria LA

Where: Los Angeles, California, USA
When: May 10-12
Who: Nicole Oliver, MandoPony, Additive Subtractive, Tarby, DJ GARNiKA, DJ Tetsuo, Michelle Creber, Cathy Weseluck, Andrea Libman, Brenda Crichlow, Amy Keating Rogers, Odyssey (Eurobeat Brony), Tabitha St. Germain
Venue: Anaheim Marriott
Cost: $55
Social Media: Facebook@EquestriaLA
What to Expect: Equestria LA, one of the fandom’s most high-profile cons of 2012, returns in 2013 to the Anaheim Marriott and Convention Center. The con has remained mum on much of its plans so far, but per a tweet, it stated that it isn’t “just showcasing MLP this year.” So look for much of the same experience as of now, but with some new surprises thrown into the mix.


Where: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
When: May 10-12, Fall
Who: Hot Diggedy Demon, White Dove Creations, Eric Ridenour, Drawponies, Laugh Track, JackleApp, Braeburned, Derpy Grooves, RawrCharlieRawr, Razorjack
Venue: Omaha Sheraton
Cost: $35 pre-reg, $40 at door
Social Media: Facebook@PON3_CONTumblr
What to Expect: Pon3Con returns from its debut in 2012 with two different iterations throughout the year. Its current planned dates are May 10-12 (same days as Equestria LA), with another con tentatively planned for the fall months. In addition to con mainstays such as Hot Diggedy Demon and White Dove Creations, Pon3Con will shine a spotlight on Eric Ridenour, the head honcho of the “Journey of the Spark” full-length, fan-made “MLP” film.


Cutie Mark Con

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
When: May 31-June 2
Who: Matt Hill, Richard Ian Cox, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond, Andrew Francis, Rina-chan, Emily Jones, Kimlinh Tran, etc.
Venue: Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North
Cost: $40
Social Media: Facebook@CutieMarkCon
What to Expect: The first of two Ohio pony cons happening nearly back-to-back, the upstart Cutie Mark Con comes to Cincinnati. It’s been a bumpy road for the organisers, having to cancel a few big-name guests a in April, but they have have recovered and been able to keep a great roster of guests and events – including the very first Brony Pro-Wrestling tournament!



Where: Columbus, Ohio, USA
When: Jun. 14-16
Who: Peter New, Dave Polsky, Summer Hayes, Heather Breckel, Emily Jones, Pixelkitties, Purple Kecleon, John Joseco, Rawkz0rz, Deimos Foxx, Prison, Toxic-Mario, WillDrawForFood1, Seventh Element, Additive Subtractive, F3nning, Solrac, Eurobeat Brony, Sonic Breakbeat, Sgt-Whip
Venue: Sheraton at Capitol Square
Cost: $30 through April 19, $35 through May 31, $40 at the door, $25 Fri., $30 Sat., $20 Sun.
Social Media: Facebook, @TrotconTumblrGoogle Plus
In Their Words: “We’ve always tried to have a heavy focus on the community. The other conventions, some of them are very strongly focused on the show staff and the show itself and not really paying too much attention to the people within the fandom. If a lot of other conventions around are going to keep going in that direction, then I guess we’ll be that convention that pays attention to the things that people are interested in that the other cons aren’t focusing so much on.” – Starshine, co-con head
What to Expect: The veteran of the two Ohio cons, having debuted to acclaim in July 2012, Trotcon goes for round two in 2013 with a new location, the Sheraton at Capitol Square in downtown Columbus, and a guest list that current boasts the returning Pixelkitties and John Joseco, as well as Everfree Network’s Emily Jones, Purple Kecleon, My Little Pony Fair’s Summer Hayes, “MLP: FIM” comic colorist Heather Breckel, VA Peter New and writer Dave Polsky. It was one of the first pony cons to focus solely on the pony community, and while it deviates slightly this year with official staff, the same spirit seems to be in place. Plus, rather than the fun ending each night at a designated time, Starshine reveals that Trotcon plans to have “at least one room for panel programming going on the whole con.” Take note, night owls. If you’d like a copy of the convention schedule, it can be found right here!

Fiesta Equestria!

Where: Houston, Texas, USA
When: June 28-30
Who: Hey Ocean!, Andrea Libman, Trevor Devall, Michael Daingerfield, Kelly Metzger, Maryke Hendrikse, Sam Vincent, Peter New, Michelle Creber, Mic the Microphone, Eurobeat Brony, DJ Tetsuo, Legends of Equestria
Venue: Westchase Marriott Hotel
Cost: $60
Social Media: Facebook@fiestaequestria
In Their Words: “There are cons, and then there are cons,” explains con-chair Igneous. “Some cons are on a smaller scale, and they’re more of a regional con, and then some cons are much larger and attract people from different states and internationally. Fiesta Equestria! is going to be one of the larger ones. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S.; all the other large cities have had brony conventions already (s0) it’s about time Houston had its own. It’s time to step it up and have a major con in Texas. We’re going to meet that need.”
What to Expect: If you enjoy exclamation points, look no further than this upstart Texas con, the second of four for the enormous state. Aside from its typeset mark in its name, the convention will include Hey Ocean!, the Canadian indie band that boasts Ashleigh Ball as its lead singer. Michael Daingerfield and Peter New are among the already-confirmed show staff, and the con’s music lineup goes with the old saying: everything’s bigger in Texas.

Grand Galloping Brony Gala

Where: Riverview, Florida, USA
When: June 29
Who: My Little Investigations, Meredith Sims, S.S. Hanami, Wollffeey, etc.
Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Tampa
Cost: $45 all day plus Gala, $30 day, $20 gala only
Social Media: Facebook@GrandBronyGala
In Their Words: “This event is a fundraiser for All Children’s Hospital through Children’s Miracle Network.  My daughter’s friend passed away there last spring, so in part this event is in her honor,” says GGBG’s Arlene Jacobs.
What to Expect: One of the fandom’s one-day cons, the Grand Brony Gala brings a taste of the pony con scene to Florida, which surprisingly has been bereft of such a thing prior to now. Located outside of Tampa, programming currently includes a Q&A and live demo with the team behind My Little Investigations and a balloon popping party, one of our favorite event ideas of the 2013 con season. Along with a cupcake decorating contest, pony yoga (we hope it won’t involve Fluttershy seemingly breaking a bear’s neck) and more, GGBG is shaping up to be one of the more interesting and family-friendly cons of 2013. And, as evidenced in the above quote, it’s all for a very good cause.


Everfree Northwest

Where: Seattle, Washington, USA
When: July 5-7
Who: Peter New, Andrew Francis, Michelle Creber, Andrea Libman, Sherclop Pones, Legends of Equestria, Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti, Amy Keating Rogers, Raven Molisee
Venue: Seattle Airport Hilton Hotel and Conference Center
Cost: $50 pre-registration, $55 at door
Social Media: Facebook@everfreenwTumblr
In Their Words: “Our biggest mantra is to be inclusive, and that includes fans of all ages. In that vein, we’ve really gone out of our way to target families and children and fans of “My Little Pony” that don’t necessarily fit the traditional brony demographic.” – Markarian, Director of Media and Public Relations
What to Expect: The fandom convention scene’s No. 2 heavyweight moves into a new location in 2013, but all else is business as usual. Expect show staff, as Everfree NW’s Markarian notes its relative proximity to DHX Media’s headquarters compared to many others being a major asset in securing such guests. The plan is also to create an even bigger music production than 2012, when Ponystock ruled the stage as one of the fandom’s best showcases of brony music. The entire Ponystock 2013 roster can be found here. They have also announced several game panels that will be hosted from various members of the community, including the team behind the Legends of Equestria MMO in development.


My Little Pony Fair

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
When: July 6-7
Who: Bonnie Zacherle, Summer Hayes
Venue: Sheraton Indianapolis at Keystone Crossing
Cost: $40 General Admission
Social Media: Facebook@MyLittlePonyCon
What to Expect:  The longest-running pony con in existence, My Little Pony Fair celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2013 with a move to Indianapolis and a continued emphasis on an all-inclusive con that transcends all “My Little Pony” generations. It’s a must-attend for avid collectors and fans of earlier generations of the show, whereas the majority of modern pony conventions tend to focus chiefly — if not solely — on “Friendship is Magic.” The biggest name? Bonnie Zacherle, the original creator of My Little Pony.

Sweet Apple Acres Con

Where: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
When: July 12-14
Who: Rainbow Dash Presents, Hot Diggedy Demon, Brony Breakdown, Corey W. Williams, DBPony, Odyssey (Eurobeat Brony), Michael Daingerfield, Lee Tockar, Michelle Creber
Venue: Holiday Inn Vanderbilt
Cost: $45 through March 1, $55 after
Social Media: Facebook@SweetAppleCon
What to Expect: The pony con scene’s gone country — or, at least, is heading to the place where the country music scene has its biggest roots. But don’t be expecting some backwoods affairs straight out of “Deliverance”; Sweet Apple Acres Con’s taking place in the heart of Nashville. Announced guests currently include Rainbow Dash Presents, Hot Diggedy Demon and Brony Breakdown’s Paleo and Saberspark and more. In particular, RDP plans to premiere its new video, a take on the fanfic “Bittersweet,” at the con.

Midwest Bronyfest-KC

Where: Overland Park, Kansas, USA
When: July 27-28
Who: Sam Vincent, CircuitFry, DJ Squirrel, MichaelA, White Dove Creations, Greggo’s Game Shows
Venue: Overland Park Convention Center
Cost: $35
Social Media: Facebook@mwbfkc
In Their Words: “We’re pretty family friendly,” says Kristin, Public Relations & Information Desk Director for MWBFKC.  “We’re open to more than just the current gen of MLP I would hope. People who are more comfortable with the older styles – we want them to be comfortable because it took me a while to warm up to FIM because I grew up with the original MLP and the art shift is really extreme.”
What to Expect: It’s not often you hear of conventions interested in packing up shop after each year and moving to other locations, but that’s one of the possibilities with Midwest Bronyfest, hence the added ‘KC’ for 2013. Known formerly as Silly Filly Con, MWBFKC’s current guest list includes multiple members of the community — DJ Squirrel of Celestia Radio and “Balloon Party”‘s CircuitFry among them — as well as Sam Vincent, voice of Flim.


Where: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
When: Aug. 2-4
Who: Andy Price, Katie Cook, Heather Breckel, The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Poni1Kenobi, Silva Hound, LaserPon3, Alex S., Eurobeat Brony, Omnipony, Brony Mike, F3nning, DerpyGrooves, DannyBrony, ArtAttack, Baschfire, Cyril, Dave!, Michael A., Foozogz, Tarby, Lee Tockar, Michelle Creber, Cathy Weseluck, Nicole Oliver, Amy Keating Rogers, Brenda Crichlow
Venue: Baltimore Convention Center
Cost: $70 three-day, $45 Fri. or Sat., $35 Sun, $75 at door
Social Media: Facebook@bronyconTumblrGoogle Plus
In Their Words: “This is going to be the largest gathering of bronies,” says Logan Biscornet, Deputy of PR. ” Our main hall can fit 3,600 people for panels and 6,000 for BronyPalooza, [which] will feature some of the best talent in the fandom and will take place over two nights.  That won’t be the only thing going on at night, though; our con is now going to be open 24 hours.  There will be something to do from when the doors open to when they close.  We are also going to have around 150-ish dealer booths.  Once things get straightened out, we also are going to have a guest line up that no one will be able to match.”
What to Expect: The mac daddy of them all becomes an annual event in 2013, moving house from New York and New Jersey to Baltimore, Maryland. But with so many other cons beginning to pop up, could Bronycon’s reign come to an end? Not likely, according to Deputy of PR, Logan Biscornet. He expects attendance to hit around 6-8,000, with hopes for 10,000 — and that’s only a third of what the venue as a whole can contain. Show staff isn’t a part of the con lineup just yet, but a veritable smorgasbord of musicians have already been announced for BronyPalooza, a music showcase that’s bringing in the fandom’s big names. Three members of the official comic staff — Heather Breckel, Andy Price and Katie Cook — will also attend. A full schedule of their planned activities can be found here.


Where: Ludwigsburg, Germany
When: Aug. 3-4
Who: Andrea Libman, Peter New, Anneli Heed, Michael Pan, Julie Basecqz, AcousticBrony, JanAnimation, John Joseco, Legends of Equestria
Venue: Forum am Schlosspark
Cost: 69€
Social Media: @gala_conGoogle Plus
In Their Words: “GalaCon 2013 is going to be all about learning from the past and improving for the future. 2012 was a fun event for European fans, but it was very rough on the edges, and we are doing our best to smooth things over for 2013. It was amazing to bring together people from Europe and beyond. We want to repeat that bigger and better.” – Gerjet Betker, Head of PR
What to Expect: One of the fandom’s well-known European cons, Galacon returns in 2013 with the same outlook as 2012, except to push things to a higher level. After an appearance in the “Bronies” documentary, that might very well be a possibility in terms of newfound visibility. Already announced are Libman and New of the English dub, Sweden’s Anneli Heed (Spitfire and more), Michael Pan, the German voice of Discord, and Julie Basecqz of the French dub of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” portraying Rarity. In the off-season, the con moved from Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Brony UK Convention (BUCK)

Where: Manchester, United Kingdom
When: Aug. 23-25
Who: Celestia Radio, WoodenToaster, TheLivingTombstone, EileMonty, AcousticBrony, LaserPon3, John DeLancie, Meghan McCarthy (live feed), Amy Keating Rogers (live feed), Michelle Creber, Legends of Equestria
Venue: Bridgewater Hall
Cost: £55
Social Media: Facebook@buckcon
In Their Words: “We have tons of guests already scheduled for this year, [though] I’m not allowed to release any names,” says BUCK’s Slightly Eccentric. “But we’ve certainly got an exciting bunch, [and] like last year they’ll be very interactive with the community. We’re planning for some to be running workshops or attending panels to do with their respective talent. Many of the musicians will be performing like last year, too.”
What to Expect: Like Galacon, BUCK was featured in the 2013 “Bronies” documentary, which will undoubtedly lend it some renown in 2013. Currently the only British con targeted specifically at bronies, they are currently in their second wave of ticket sales and releasing names as they are confirmed for the convention.


Where: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
When: August 24th-25th
Who: Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, Lee Tockar, Nicole Gauss, SilvaHound, djtetsuo., Starborne, HeyLasFas, Additive Subtractive, Felyx Lasers, Andrew Francis, Vincent Tong, Rebecca Shoichet, Claire Corlett
Venue: Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre
Cost: $70 at the door (for both days)
Social Media: Facebook, @BronyCAN
In Their Words: “Our convention will have a musical guest from the fandom who has not performed at a convention before,” explains Steve Conrad (DJ Midli), Deputy of Public Relations. “We will also be providing a dance experience unlike anything seen at a brony convention thus far.”
What to Expect: Thanks to an earlier IndieGoGo campaign, the team behind BronyCAN have been able to gain a few big names from just down the road in Vancouver – that with a decent array of musicians from across the community, and the promise of more announcements in the future makes this one con that could be really great. (Updated 25th May 2013)

UK Ponycon

Where: Cardiff, United Kingdom
When: Sept. 7-8
Who: TBA
Venue: Mercure Holland House Spa Hotel
Cost: TBA
Social Media: Facebook@ukponycon
What to Expect: Similar to My Little Pony Fair in the US, this event covers all generations of the MLP franchise – yet are still very welcoming of new fans of the show (even if we get a bit annoying…). A popular family event – and this year’s location also hosts the Doctor Who museum, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Brony Fan Fair

Where: Austin, Texas, USA
When: Sept. 13-15
Who: TBA
Venue: Holiday Inn Austin Midtown
Cost: $30 through March 15, $35 through June 14, $40 after
Social Media: Facebook
What to Expect: While it boasts four pony cons in 2013, Texas was only one con strong in 2012, Brony Fan Fair holding down the fort. The con’s back this year, taking place over three days in mid-September. No guests yet, but pre-registration is currently available, with the rate increasing as the con draws nearer.

Sac Brony Expo

Where: Sacramento, California, USA
When: Sept. 14
Who: Michael A., Derpidety, SkyBolt, Moon Shines, Apple Cider, DustyKatt
Venue: Sacramento State University Union
Cost: $10
Social Media: Facebook@sacbronyexpo
In Their Words: “This con will be focusing on everything the community has achieved. We’ll have a big room set up, and basically that’s where everyone can go in and interact with the different guests and things like that. Really, the main emphasis I want to push for is to have a strong feeling of community and friendship.” – Carlos, con chair
What to Expect: Is Texas or Canada too far a drive for you if you’re on the west coast? Sac Brony Expo, another debuting con, is a good alternative. Taking place on the Sacramento State University campus, the con plans to focus on the bustling community surrounding the brony fandom, according to con chair Carlos. Their initial goal of $2000 has been reached, and they may have more opportunities to help make this con even better in the near future.


Crystal Fair STL

Where: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
When: Sept. 27-29
Who: Pixelkitties, Starswirl Academy, Semehammer, Jenn Blake, Technickel Pony
Venue: Sheraton Westport
Cost: $30
Social Media: Facebook
In Their Words: “Everyone, it’s about time we had a Crystal Fair to rejuvenate our spirits. So come to the first My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Convention in St. Louis, Missouri! All are welcome, so come on Bronies, lets celebrate!” -Kitenshi, Convention Chair
What to Expect: The first convention to show up in St. Louis, this Crystal Fair is off to a strong start with community guest Pixelkitties already confirmed to be attending. They are still developing certain finer points (such as their website), but rest assured that they will put on something great for you guys in the Missouri area this autumn.


Derpycon South

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
When: Oct. 4-6
Who: Megg Chan, Anneli Heed
Venue: Hilton Riverside
Cost: $30
Social Media: @DerpyConS
What to Expect: Louisiana’s getting a pony con in 2013 — October, to be exact. Keep an eye out for more information if you’re from the area and interested in attending. So far, Megg Chan is announced as a guest, and pre-registration was opened a few days ago.


Where: Paris, France
When: Oct. 26-27
Who: M. A. Larson, JanAnimation, TheLivingTombstone, Laserpon3, Yulynh, EileMonty, Przewalski’s Ponies
Venue: Espace EFCB of Montreuil
Cost: 54 € for whole weekend
Social Media: Facebook, @BronyDays
What to Expect: France’s only “My Little Pony” convention returns in 2013 after a successful 2012. What’s going to happen there? Not much is known now, but the con will definitely include a ‘Nightmare Night’ theme due to its proximity to Halloween, and will be bilingual for those who don’t speak French.

Running of the Leaves Con

Where: Northglenn, Colorado
Oct. 31-Nov. 3
Solrac (Yaplap), Lochlan O’Neil
Ramada Plaza
Social Media:
In Their Words: “We at Alis Admirationis LLC make it our mission in life to gather and entertain people of all ages and interests. Setting out to create Running of the Leaves Con to help bring together the bronies and pegasisters of America, we kept that in mind. All are welcome to attend and we hope to see you there!”
What to Expect: Running of the Leaves Con is being run by a group who knows their stuff when it comes to holding an event like this. They’ve run several different types of conventions in the past and are looking to give back to the fandom what the fandom has given them, and what better way to do that than through the magic of friendship? You can even spend Nightmare Night with your fellow bronies and pegasisters!


Nightmare Nights Dallas

Where: Dallas, Texas, USA
When: Nov. 8-10
Who: Andrea Libman, Brenda Crichlow, Peter New, James Wootton, Pixelkitties, “Big” Jim Miller, Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti, M.A. “Mitch” Larson, Foalpapers
Venue: Crowne Plaza Addison
Cost: $35
Social Media: @NightmareNights
What to Expect: In mid January, Texas’ fourth pony con announced that it would not happen in 2013, citing issues with “VA negotiations and other factors.” But hours later, the con was back on, and it’s grown ever since, adding Andrea Libman, Peter New, Brenda Crichlow and James Wootton as show staff guests. Vendor registration is coming March 16, and pre-registration is currently available for $35.



Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When: Nov. 16-17
Who: HotDiggityDemon, Jessi Nowack, DustyKatt, BeamPegasu5, Rina-Chan, DJ Midli, Michael Dodd
Venue: Toronto Hilton
Cost: TBA
Social Media: Facebook, @CANterlotcon
In Their Words: “Toronto seemed the logical location; with BronyCan in Vancouver, we wanted to bring a “My Little Pony” convention to the eastern part of Canada.” – CANterlot’s Wynter

What to Expect: Appearing out of seemingly nowhere, CANterlot has quickly jumped to the status of a reputable convention, having several guests announced as soon as it was officially announced to the public. There is a lot of potential here, and we can definitely be looking forward to another Canada convention this year. You can help support them through their Indiegogo campaign here.

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    • I ran a few searches for an “Appaloosa Con” and found a crossed-out tag from Equestria Daily. I’d love if you could provide a link so that we could research this convention which fell through the cracks and have a more comprehensive convention guide the next time around.

      The map (made by a news-pony who no longer writes for The Daily Oat) shows a convention in Arizona, but we didn’t keep it updated as conventions were announced and cancelled; there are several cancelled conventions that we removed from the convention guide, as we would rather only report on events that actually transpired, not rumors and hearsay.

      Thanks for your diligence; we want our 2014 convention guide to be even better than this one, so any suggestions on what we can do better would be great! I’m going to see about what we can do better for the map for 2014 so there’s no phantom conventions like you pointed out as well.

  2. I’m confused one of my friends told me that the Brony Con for Salt Lake was going to be around June 6-7, is that true, or did it change?

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