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Vulture Reports on “Bob’s Burgers” Episode Themed Around Bronies


Who knows what might happen! For those who don’t know what Bob’s Burgers is, it’s a TV show centered around a family that runs a hamburger shop, somewhat like The Simpsons, except it has more mature and less silly humor, so most consider it closer to King of the Hill.

Don’t let the little “FOX” logo in the bottom-right of the picture fool you; this show is centuries ahead of FOX News. You have to be able to laugh at yourself, but this episode certainly isn’t intended as an insult! For those who want to read more about it and see a few little snippets of the episode that aired, you can check out the article right over here. If we’re any heralds of future bandwagons, this “Equesticles” thing may totally take off.

My Little Pony to Return to McDonald’s


 Fear not, for the header picture is accurate! It’s time for us to head back to McDonald’s to collect our two famous princesses, plus the newly anointed Princess Twilight, in additon to her five closest friends: Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and… Vinyl Scratch? Wow, way to push out the best background pony, Hasbro.

According to Tell Gaming, the latest wave of ponies will be striking on March 28th, with an ending date (or when supplies run out, which is doubtless) of April 24th. They will be sharing their triumphant return with Skylanders Swap Force, so we can get Swap Force toys and seem like manly men, then get the pony toys and tell the McDonald’s workers with our best Poker faces, “My niece loves Pinkie Pie. I think ponies are gay.” It’s foolproof, I tell you!

Hasbro Signs 3D Printing Deal with 3D Systems


Soon, ponies like this will be available for children to print, too! Thanks to Clawed-Nyasu for the picture.

The world is a swiftly changing place. Atomic bombs now serve as dinner tables, the aging process has now been all but abolished, and we’re able to print 3D ponies. Only one of these futuristic things is true, sadly, but Hasbro knows the direction the world is taking, and they are aiming to bring ponies to the home… without having to leave your home. Ever. Nor would you have to open the front door and sign for a package. Or even leave the computer chair.

That’s right, Hasbro is working on 3D printing for the average consumer’s children now. There’s no telling what we’re going to see out of this, but we can hope this ushers in a new age of amazing pony things we can get in the home through their new partnership with the 3D printing company 3D Systems. You can check out the full article from The Guardian over here.

Church Music Bears a Striking Similarity to Pony Music


Who would have thought? A song that was produced in 2012 by composer Dan Schutte, known as “Glory to God,” happens to bear a striking similarity to a certain very familiar theme song. Seeing as the G4 theme song was created by Daniel Ingram first, we can only assume that Dan Schutte heard it, thought to himself, “You know what this would sound really great as? Church music,” and got to work. The full article, where you can hear a comparison between the two songs, is over here. The only thing that I can think is, at least the church-goer who noticed this has decent hobbies.

Scootareader Looks Into: Devotion


How pony are you? Do you devote several hours a day to pony news, pony media, pony discussion, and pony thoughts? Do you decorate your house with pony posters, pony plushies, and pony figurines while you blast pony music through the halls?

A good number of bronies are young enough to still be living with their parents, and a good number are also stuck in dorm rooms that they have to share with others who may not be as understanding of brony culture as one would like. The question is, would you if you could?

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Zap2it and NewsOK Release Spoilers for “Pinkie Pride”


It’s tradition! We haven’t much longer to wait, but for those who can’t, Zap2it has released three clips of the upcoming episode. Head over here to check them out, and we shan’t say any more, because SPOILERS ABOUND.

For those who still haven’t gotten their fill of spoilers, you can also head over to NewsOK’s spoilery article, where they have two more related videos on the subject. If spoilers actually spoiled episodes, I bet this one would be rotten by now… but, thankfully they don’t, so the episode is still going to be incredible! At least, it better be. I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t watched any of these spoilery spoilers this time around.

Idle Hands Reports on Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro My Little Pony large figure with accessories

So, just what was revealed at the toy fair? Was it just that new Equestria Girls movie? Or were there other awesome things unveiled that we want to get our greedy brony mitts on? Oh, yes, there’s definitely more merch! Idle Hands, a group that reports on awesome things and looks really familiar for some reason, has some pretty great screenshots of the goods over here. Everything from the Rainbow Rocks dolls to the new castle playset to… wait, is that a muffin for a name?