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“My Little Investigations” Fan Game Released


And there was much rejoicing. To those who don’t know what My Little Investigations is, it’s one of the flagship games of the brony gamers, a much anticipated and welcome addition to the repertoire of pony games that are out. For those looking for more information on the game, you can check out their FAQ over here. To those who already know what it is and would like to download it, you can go ahead and grab that here. For those looking to see what the developers have to say on the game, the release video and some choice words can be found below the break!

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Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend April 18th-20th!


Hoowhee! Another open server weekend for Legends of Equestria will be happening April 18th-20th! So register in the legendsofequestria forums first as soon as possible (before the servers get busy), and get ready to have pony vidya fun and witness any further improvements the game has made in its development thus far. The necessary links are, as always, below in the press release. Continue reading

Gaming Colts Announce Crystal Games 2014


With the great success of an event comes its just as exciting follow-up event! To those who missed the Crystal Games for the year of 2013, it was an online event run by Everfree Northwest and hosted by The Gaming Colts with help from the Bluescreen Bronies that resulted in a full-blown panel on gaming at the convention. Well, due to the success of the last time they ran this, they are now doing the Crystal Games for the year of 2014. This will be quite a different event than the last Crystal Games, now being a 48-hour livestream instead. The full announcement can be found after the break.

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Pwnies for a Cause 2013 Wrap-Up


Wondering how the Pwnies for a Cause stream run by Bluescreen Bronies, The Gaming Colts, and Omnigamer went? Well, we have the numbers and other important information for you, then! Head below the break to get the full scoop on everything that happened during the livestream and what to expect in the near future.

Oh, and the header picture was drawn by the fabulous velglorth. Thanks, velglorth!

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Pwnies For a Cause

Charity Drive Logo

Hooray for collaborative efforts! Bluescreen Bronies is hosting their second annual charity drive for the holiday season, this time raising money for the charity organization “Child’s Play.” They definitely won’t be alone, either: We have The Gaming Colts as well as Michael Mosley from Omnigamer joining them! The entire 48-hour stream will be taking place this very weekend, from December 20th at 9PM EST to December 22nd at 9PM EST and will be streaming here. The full breakdown of the event is after the break, and we hope to see you there!

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Legends of Equestria announces Open Server Weekend!

in a freak turn of events that nobody really expected, Legends of Equestria has announced an open server weekend for January 24th through to the 26th! Now, some of you may be saying “But Jroddie, that’s like, forever from now!” Feel lucky they’re even letting us in at all. Anyways, the servers will open on 12:01am EST on January 24th and close at 11:59pm on January 26th. They also announce that the open server weekend will coincide with their open panel at Ohayocon! To learn more about their panel, click the word here. You can registor for a LoE account here, and see if your computer is fast enough to run the game here. Happy Hunting! (for kobolds)

Bluescreen Bronies to Host Charity Livestream


‘Tis the season! No, not pony season… the season of giving! And pony season too. Bluescreen Bronies will be hosting an entire 48-hour-long event with interviews, giveaways, and gaming, all the in the name of helping out a cause. Which cause, you ask? The charity organization Child’s Play, who seeks donations for children’s hospitals specifically through the gaming industry, which happens to include our friends over at Bluescreen Bronies. The stream isn’t until December 20th, so you’ve got plenty of time to prepare, too! Head below the break for all the important information.

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