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Call for Help for Hospitalized Mother of BABSCon Programmer


A tragedy has struck part of our fandom today, readers.  Our friends over at BABSCon are sending out a call for help for the mother of the Vice Chair and Head of Programming and Events, Olivia Daniels.  Cheryl Daniels, widow since 2000 and working two jobs, has contracted acute liver failure brought on by a strain of Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. Currently in the hospital, she does not have an adequate medical plan, and is in danger of having her house and car foreclosed and repossessed.  To help cover the strictly immediate costs, BABSCon is auctioning off two of their previously sold-out premium tickets on ebay.  And for those that can’t pitch in so much, there’s a gofundme option as well.  Stay after the break for the whole story, and let’s together help overcome this extreme hardship and suffering as a community. Continue reading

The Definitive Newcomer’s Guide to My Little Pony?


Hey, everypony! There is quite some awesome news for us, as metacrtitic just released the comprehensive, all-in-one newfoal’s guide to bronydom! The guide specifically explores the fandom’s different aspects and fanwork, and boy, it is extensive. Like, I will take the 2 hours time out of my day to read this whole thing (about more or less). They go into the origins and explain Dr. Whooves, Lyra and Bonbon, Sweetie Bot, Ponies in Socks, and even why Fluttershy is considered a tree. They cover important youtube channels, fan fiction, tumblrs, and much, much more. They do have only one major flaw, though, and it is that in the news site section one of the prominent news pony sites out there, the daily oat, was missed and misspelled as Equestria Daily. However, one cannot fault them, and any further explanation of the article will only stall you readers from getting to the awesome guide. Here’s the link again, if you missed it.

Brony Aeorspace Interview on Celestia Radio


Hi’ya, everypony! Today we have special announcement to put up that intially puzzled us probably as much as it’ll puzzle you! Celestia Radio, later today, Monday the 13th, at 8:00 PM EST, will be interviewing Brony Aerospace, a name most likely only few in the fandom know so far of. Who are they? Well, they are the creative bronies who didn’t have the special talents in DJing, drawing, and writing that has come to characterize our fandom as both beautiful and phenomenal, but are the science ponies, instead burying themselves in books about chemistry, engineering, and even rocketry. Yes, you heard that last one right! Their primary goal will include attempting to send real rockets into outer space “in the name of ponies and the scientific/cultural interest of all mankind!” Wow, just besides the unbridled, mind-blowing, practically almost terrifying awesomeness of that news, it is heartwarming that a bigger group will come to exist dedicated to allowing our scientific creatives to also get active and etch out a productive place for themselves in the fandom. More questions about their mission, current rocket development, funding, and anything else? Stay tuned after the break as well as for Celestia Radio today at no later than 8 PM, EST! (wow, that’s a lot of exclamation marks on in one post, right?) Continue reading

Double Christmas Premiere by Bronies for Good!


Bronies for Good, the organization we all know and love for bringing bronies together to help fight poverty in places like Uganda, have announced this Christmas, they’ll host an extremely fantastic duo fundraiser event! Both Bronystate and Brony Radio have respectively worked with many of the fandom’s artists, voice actors, and musicians to double premiere on Sunday, Dec. 22 two sure to be truly heartwarming and exceptional works, A Dash of Christmas and A Princess Carol, to help stir the joy of Christmas in our hearts and at the same time bring it to some of our poorer brothers and sisters. But don’t just take my word for it, go on ahead and read the press release after the break to see! Continue reading

Bodybuilding Brony Discussion Highly Negative


Apparently, you can get manlier than guns. So manly, in fact, that your masculinity can be questioned by the existence of colorful cartoon horses. Whereas AR15 had generally random opinions from gun nuts, the bodybuilding nuts don’t seem quite so favorable towards the idea of watching My Little Pony. I wonder what they don’t like about the show? Check out their angry thread over here, and Celestia protect you from their cruel words.

AR15 Brony Discussion Receiving Mixed Results


All right, how much manlier can you get than guns? AR15 is a highly popular site for firearms, allowing users to browse separate models, related news, user manuals, directions to where sales are going on for firearms, and, yes, discussion of firearms.

Well, one of the users decided to ask the big question: What do you guys think of bronies? Some of them are outspoken in their dislike, some are bronies… and some are there to just mess around. It’s a pretty entertaining discussion, and can be found here. It looks like there’s 50 posts per page, and there’s currently 10 pages, so… yeah, fun stuff. It’s just fun to see manly men who sit on the internet talking about guns deciding, of all the different things to discuss when bored, to talk about bronies.

USAToday Does a Short Article on Bronies


And we’re only getting more and more articles about bronies in the off-season. USAToday wrote a few facts about bronies article, after watching the documentary, that gives a deeper look on what we bronies really are. If you want to see a relatively reputable article describing shortly just how amazingly talented we generally are and not crazy about the unnaturally fruit-esque truly childish marketing oriented older shows people usually relate to us, then you can read the article here.

The Escapist Includes Rainbow Dash in Death Battle

Starscream vs Rainbow Dash

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between a giant robot and a pony? The Escapist was, so they posted a video of what it would be like for the two of them to go toe-to-toe! Head over here to see how it ends, or just go below the break where we have it available to watch.

We’re also aware that this has been out for about two years, but this is to take note of the fact that The Escapist is carrying an article with ponies, not that the video is new.

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