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Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Album Available To Download


Continuing the news from last Wednesday, Bronies for Good have now announced that the Ministry of Brony music album, presented by Fillydelphia Radio, is available for download. If you like your house, trance and electro – and have an equal affinity for Ponies – then you can now donate an amount of your choice to BfG to help support Child Need Africa and obtain a download link right here. If you want a brief taster of the album, you can see the preview embed after the break, along with the press release.

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Call for Help for Hospitalized Mother of BABSCon Programmer


A tragedy has struck part of our fandom today, readers.  Our friends over at BABSCon are sending out a call for help for the mother of the Vice Chair and Head of Programming and Events, Olivia Daniels.  Cheryl Daniels, widow since 2000 and working two jobs, has contracted acute liver failure brought on by a strain of Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. Currently in the hospital, she does not have an adequate medical plan, and is in danger of having her house and car foreclosed and repossessed.  To help cover the strictly immediate costs, BABSCon is auctioning off two of their previously sold-out premium tickets on ebay.  And for those that can’t pitch in so much, there’s a gofundme option as well.  Stay after the break for the whole story, and let’s together help overcome this extreme hardship and suffering as a community. Continue reading

Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Charity Album Released

ministry-of-bronyBronies for Good is at it again, teaming up with Fillydelphia Radio to make the world a better place! The proceeds of this album are going toward a medical clinic in Uganda through the Child Need Africa charity organization, and they are hosting an entire livestream event for the album. The event will be this Saturday starting at 8pm EDT (midnight UTC) and will be hosted here. Head below the break for the full announcement and we hope to see you there!

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SBMF, Peter New Announce Fundraiser for Brony Family


If you listened to the latest episode of Stay Brony My Friends last night, you will have heard them chat to the evil yet actually OK Peter New. He’s issued a challenge to help raise money for the Dickman family, who you may be aware of through BronyMommy and BronyGranny. Unfortunately both of them and the family have been going through some difficult problems healthwise, with the latter needing major surgery after having a heart attack just last week. If you can help in any way, then check out SBMF’s press release after the break – naturally, there are prizes to be had at certain milestones from Peter, Dusty et al!

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Bronies for Good: Convention and Orphanage Volunteering Opportunities


Are you seeing double? No, that’s just the double coverage of the double charity that’s going on at BABSCon! We’d insert a Princess Luna or Team Rocket reference here, but you guys probably already thought of them.

So, what’s on the agenda for Bronies for Good today? Why, doing good in the world, of course! They do have “good” in their name, after all. They’re in need of some additional help at BABSCon, managing their events at the convention and ensuring that the involved organizations get all the help they can. In addition to helping at the convention, there’s also an orphanage in need of some helping hands in taking care of the children it houses. If you think you can help in any way, head below the break where they go into more detail about what’s necessary to be a volunteer.

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BABSCon Doubles the Charity!


So, how can we fill our quota of giving at BABSCon? Why, charity, of course! They’ve announced two organizations that they will be helping with their charity auction as well as another little event with one of the charities.This way, not only are they helping keep good people alive and reassured, but they’re also helping animals find homes and love. Fluttershy would be proud. Head below the break to see what the two charities stand for and how you can help do your part.

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Stay Brony My Friends Charity for Episode 70 With Michael Dobson

And just who is this suave fellow doing some fundraising? Why, this is Michael Dobson, the voice of Bulk Biceps! He also did the voice of Dr. Caballaron in Daring Don’t, as well as being out-of-show talent for Nappa in Dragonball Z and Starscream in Transformers. Oh, and he was Batman and The Joker. Head below the break to check out the episode he was in and how you can help a worthy cause–this being the Rare Disease Foundation, who promote research on rare diseases and how to better treat them. It’s always a great feeling to know that the show talent we appreciate so much are willing to do what they can to help the greater good.

Oh, did we mention you can also get some pretty great stuff by donating? Yeah, those donating to the cause aren’t the only charitable ones. <3

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Charity Chitchat with Amy Keating Rogers and Natasha Levinger


Who wants a charity livestream? We do! Ponyville Live, Your Siblings, and Bronies for Good are going to be running one this very Saturday with esteemed show talent Amy Keating Rogers (writer for episodes such as Bridle Gossip, The Cutie Pox, and Filli Vanilli) and Natasha Levinger (writer for Pinkie Apple Pie and the upcoming episode 16 of season 4). They’ll be having fun and raising money for a great cause and also answering plenty of questions we may have for them, so feel free to participate and enjoy yourselves in the stream, which is right here. Check out the full announcement and all the big details, such as what causes this fundraiser will be going toward, below the break.

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