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Everfree Network to Host April Fool’s Day Special!


Have you recently been getting excited for the final culmination of what amounts to a year’s worth of mischievous brooding of the most vengeful, societally wrecking, and truly insidious kind? You are? Well, then, just like us, you’re obviously ready for April Fool’s Day! And for this day, Everfree Network has planned its weakly Elements of Harmony segment to be an April Fool’s Day radio play. Elements of Harmony is normally a radio show that regularly interviews pony music artists, and many special guests, like Final Draft, Midnight Rain, and Tarby will be making appearances. So join us in for tomorrow at 10 PM EDT for a fun night of lively entertainment and comedy! The trailer is here, and the link for the stream tomorrow is down below in the press release. Make sure to bring your pony-themed whoopee cushions. Continue reading

Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Album Available To Download


Continuing the news from last Wednesday, Bronies for Good have now announced that the Ministry of Brony music album, presented by Fillydelphia Radio, is available for download. If you like your house, trance and electro – and have an equal affinity for Ponies – then you can now donate an amount of your choice to BfG to help support Child Need Africa and obtain a download link right here. If you want a brief taster of the album, you can see the preview embed after the break, along with the press release.

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Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Charity Album Released

ministry-of-bronyBronies for Good is at it again, teaming up with Fillydelphia Radio to make the world a better place! The proceeds of this album are going toward a medical clinic in Uganda through the Child Need Africa charity organization, and they are hosting an entire livestream event for the album. The event will be this Saturday starting at 8pm EDT (midnight UTC) and will be hosted here. Head below the break for the full announcement and we hope to see you there!

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Church Music Bears a Striking Similarity to Pony Music


Who would have thought? A song that was produced in 2012 by composer Dan Schutte, known as “Glory to God,” happens to bear a striking similarity to a certain very familiar theme song. Seeing as the G4 theme song was created by Daniel Ingram first, we can only assume that Dan Schutte heard it, thought to himself, “You know what this would sound really great as? Church music,” and got to work. The full article, where you can hear a comparison between the two songs, is over here. The only thing that I can think is, at least the church-goer who noticed this has decent hobbies.

GalaCon Announces More Guests, Among them Living Tombstone


Just look at that mustache’d grin. She’s up to something, she has plans… FOR YOU! And of course on the top of her extensive list of agendas is to get you to come to GalaCon again this year, and for that has just prepared a press release meticulous report drawing out more reasons why that should happen! She’s listed below what new fandom figures will be arriving at GalaCon 2014, among them the Living Tombstone, so enjoy. Continue reading

Call For Submissions For ‘Ministry of Brony’ Charity Album


Bronies for Good have got in touch to let us know of their latest project in conjunction with Fillydelphia Radio, to help a life-saving service in Burundi. They’re asking for Brony musicians to help contribute to an album based off the ‘Ministry of Sound’ series – hence the name and their appeal for original house, techno and trance tracks. If you feel that you can help, then you have until 28th February to send in your music. Check out their press release after the break for more information!
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The Definitive Newcomer’s Guide to My Little Pony?


Hey, everypony! There is quite some awesome news for us, as metacrtitic just released the comprehensive, all-in-one newfoal’s guide to bronydom! The guide specifically explores the fandom’s different aspects and fanwork, and boy, it is extensive. Like, I will take the 2 hours time out of my day to read this whole thing (about more or less). They go into the origins and explain Dr. Whooves, Lyra and Bonbon, Sweetie Bot, Ponies in Socks, and even why Fluttershy is considered a tree. They cover important youtube channels, fan fiction, tumblrs, and much, much more. They do have only one major flaw, though, and it is that in the news site section one of the prominent news pony sites out there, the daily oat, was missed and misspelled as Equestria Daily. However, one cannot fault them, and any further explanation of the article will only stall you readers from getting to the awesome guide. Here’s the link again, if you missed it.