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Stay Brony My Friends Charity for Episode 69


DustyKatt, the world’s manliest brony, is at his thing again doing amazing things with his charity drives on his show, Stay Brony My friends. This week, guest Sarah Fader, with her three year old son, Ari, have come on and she chose the Coalition for the Homeless, which is based in New York City. This winter has really been cold, record-setting cold for a while and at times with enough snow to have ended up blocking parts of NYC for days. Days, where the capital of the world, used to harsh weather already, has been unable to deal with this year’s. Getting involved in helping this charity, as outlined below, will go a long way in sheltering the homeless from the cold, which will hopefully be receding soon. And as always, there are nice prizes for helping out. So do what bronies do best, people, spread our love of our show in real concrete ways and help our world! Continue reading

Brony Aeorspace Interview on Celestia Radio


Hi’ya, everypony! Today we have special announcement to put up that intially puzzled us probably as much as it’ll puzzle you! Celestia Radio, later today, Monday the 13th, at 8:00 PM EST, will be interviewing Brony Aerospace, a name most likely only few in the fandom know so far of. Who are they? Well, they are the creative bronies who didn’t have the special talents in DJing, drawing, and writing that has come to characterize our fandom as both beautiful and phenomenal, but are the science ponies, instead burying themselves in books about chemistry, engineering, and even rocketry. Yes, you heard that last one right! Their primary goal will include attempting to send real rockets into outer space “in the name of ponies and the scientific/cultural interest of all mankind!” Wow, just besides the unbridled, mind-blowing, practically almost terrifying awesomeness of that news, it is heartwarming that a bigger group will come to exist dedicated to allowing our scientific creatives to also get active and etch out a productive place for themselves in the fandom. More questions about their mission, current rocket development, funding, and anything else? Stay tuned after the break as well as for Celestia Radio today at no later than 8 PM, EST! (wow, that’s a lot of exclamation marks on in one post, right?) Continue reading

Unleash the Fanboy Interviews Jeremy Whitley for MLP: Friends Forever


Perhaps I’m the only one that’s hyped just from the picture above, but that may just be because Scootaloo looks adorbz.

So, this Friends Forever series is getting quite a bit of coverage after the resounding success of the core comic series plus the micro-series. So, Unleash the Fanboy has got themselves an interview with another one of the writers for us to peruse. You can check it out over here. He even admits in the interview that he married Twilight Sparkle. Okay, he said “a Twilight Sparkle,” but it’s close enough.

“My Little Pony: Friends Forever” Writer Interview Published


Are you salivating as much as we are about the new comic series being released? We hope so, because it’s coming out soon! For those who want some background concerning the new “Friends Forever” comic series being published by IDW, you can check out Comic Book Resources’ interview with writer Alex de Campi. There’s some pretty legit questions in there, and some of them are about bronies, so perhaps it’s worth checking out. It’s also pretty interesting to note that Alex de Campi is also currently writing “Grindhouse,” a horror story; perhaps we’ll see some mature undertones?

Antenna Post TV Writes Article About Ponies

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So, we’ve seen this kind of article pop up many a time in the past. I won’t say that this one has a high amount of new ground to cover, but, in addition to having a mother’s positive perspective on specific aspects of the show, the interview with her daughter (choice excerpt pictured above) also covers what a little girl likes as well. All I really have to say is, with a website like Antenna Free TV, it took them long enough to give us an MLP article. I’d look to see if they’d done more, but I can’t find the search function.

Ponyville Live! Nightmare Nights Dallas Coverage


For those of you who are still up when you shouldn’t be, we’ve got quite a sizable roster of awesome videos for you, coming from the recent coverage of the recent convention by esteemed livestreaming ponies Ponyville Live!. Head below the break for, like, every single video that they put up for coverage of the convention. Thought you missed Nightmare Nights Dallas? Oh, please, these guys have got you covered.

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The Brony Show To Interview Matt Hill, Sam Vincent

VA Banner Nov 9

The guys over at The Brony Show have sent us some information about a live interview they have planned with not just one, but two VA guests from the show – Matt Hill and Sam Vincent! The interview will be uploaded onto YouTube afterwards, but the main event will take place on their website at 4.15pm EST this Saturday. Check past the break for their Press Release or visit The Brony Show’s website for more info. Oh, and bring pie.

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Legends of Equestria Behind the Scenes Livestream


The Legends of Equestria MMO based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is going to be hosting a Livestream event this weekend that promises a rare inside look into what it takes to make an MMO like Legends of Equestria, including Q&A with developers, writers, 3D modelers, 2D artists, programmers, and more members of the team as they go over what it takes to create Cloudsdale in real-time. The event will last 24 hours and will start this Saturday (November 2nd) at 12 Noon Eastern Time. The 24-hour event can be viewed on the LoE Livestream channel at Find the complete schedule after the break! Continue reading

Omnigamer Exclusive Interview With Enterplay Employees


Who wants to know more about the MLP CCG? We do, we do! Omnigamer has posted an exclusive interview with one of the developers of the CCG as well as the president of Enterplay himself to discuss more about the card game they’re developing. Turns out the rules and cards being shown off at Gen-Con and NYCC aren’t even the finished product! They’re still working on it behind the scenes, and some of the differences as well as plenty of other gold nuggets can be found on Omnigamer’s site here, or below the break, where we have most of the material available to view as well.

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