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Yup is the Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Oat. After getting into MLP over Summer 2011, he joined the TDO team soon after, after realising he's not good at making music, drawing or creating plushies. Being English, he enjoys beer and football - or 'sawker'. You can chat to him over on Twitter at @YupTDO, or just shout across the sea.

Radical Revelations Regarding Rainbow Rocks Released – Risky!


A few of our newspony friends are reporting on a fine spot by blog ‘All About MLP Merch‘, who have posted slides from a presentation made at Hasbro’s Australia arm last September which included information about Rainbow Rocks – 1 month before it became public. There’s some early artwork shown there, as well as information about what (or who) to expect. If you’re cool with spoilers, check out their post – there’s other interesting slides on there about the MLP brand and Rainbow Power.

Hub Network Announces Two New MLP Spin-off Shows

derpibooru "suggestive"

Taking a quick break from our ongoing Stoat coverage to go back to our roots, The Hub Network have announced not one, but TWO exciting spin-offs of My Little Pony coming very soon! Whether you’re into Ponies over 1,000% larger than usual in ‘My Biggest Pony’, or in an Anime Sci-Fi adventure in ‘My Little Pony: Dragonfire’, there will be a My Little Pony for you – unless, of course, you’re waiting for My Little Stoaty like we are. Check out the awesome trailers for these definitely-real shows after the break.

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Website Rebranded To The Daily Stoat


Effective from today, we have updated our website to reflect a growing number of fans who have felt that we do not report enough on an often ignored issue – Stoats! Expect all the latest news and some fascinating facts on this adorable yet badass animal that is definitely not a weasel.

Welcome to The Daily Stoat!

Equestria LA Officially Shut Down


A little while back, we brought the news that the EQLA convention in Anaheim, CA would be postponed until the following year. Now it has been sadly confirmed on their Twitter account that this will not be the case, and that Equestria LA will be shut down. The event was popular for the two years that it ran, but they deserve respect for making this tough decision instead of running an event that could not be managed or afforded. We’ll let you know of any updates once they are sent to us.

Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Album Available To Download


Continuing the news from last Wednesday, Bronies for Good have now announced that the Ministry of Brony music album, presented by Fillydelphia Radio, is available for download. If you like your house, trance and electro – and have an equal affinity for Ponies – then you can now donate an amount of your choice to BfG to help support Child Need Africa and obtain a download link right here. If you want a brief taster of the album, you can see the preview embed after the break, along with the press release.

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Bronycon Announces Andrea Libman


It’s time to smile! Andrea Libman, who I’m sure you’ll already know as the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, will be heading over to Baltimare this year for the big Bronycon convention. August 1-3 will see her and an already heavy roster of guests head down to Charm City for a weekend of celebration of all things Pony. Check out BC’s press release after the break.

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