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DerpyCon South Ticket Sale and Pre-Registration Ending


The best part about DerpyCon South news is that we get to post the adorable Beignet on our front page. I mean, look at her! How can you not want to attend a convention with an OC that… that… appletastic! Hmm… maybe we need to think up a better descriptive word.

So, the convention staff, wanting to make sure their potential future attendees are as well-informed as possible, have announced that, not only is there a sale going on with their pre-registration that reduces the cost to $35, but it’s your last chance to get pre-registration tickets at all! After the sale ends, you’ll have to pay $50 at the door for your ticket.

For the specific times of the sale, the staff have said, “00:00:01am Saturday all the way up until
11:59:59pm Sunday,” so yes, it’s literally every single second of the weekend minus 00:00:00am on Saturday. That second is probably the amount of time it takes them to click the button, so let’s forgive them this one second that we won’t be allowed to pre-register cheaply this weekend.

How do we forgive them, you ask? Why, by taking part in the sale! Head over here to pre-register for the convention (now for $40 or at the discount price this weekend), or check out their site here!

DerpyCon South Announces Indiegogo Campaign and Singopation Contest Extension

Derpy Hooves Starstruck

Big news from the state of Louisiana! DerpyCon South has announced a fundraiser to ensure things go smoothly this October by starting up their own Indiegogo campaign. What’s more, they’ve extended the length of their running singopation contest to give more opportunity for creativity and awesomeness! Don’t know what it is? Check after the break and read all about it!

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DerpyCon South Announces Anneli Heed


Oh, you haven’t heard the voice of Swedish Spitfire? Well, you are in for a treat.

We haven’t gotten enough stuff from DerpyCon South lately, so they decided they’d update us with an awesome VA announcement! Anneli Heed, in addition to doing the voice of Spitfire in the Swedish dub of the show, also has a few more roles, such as the singing voice of Rainbow Dash. Head past the break to check out the promo video for her, plus a bunch more information. Continue reading

DerpyCon South Convention Updates


There’s a few little tidbits of information that are important to know about DerpyCon South, and their new mascot (seen above) is just one of them! Located in the wonderful city of New Orleans (or so I’ve heard), this convention is a must-attend for anyone in the surrounding area; and by surrounding area, I mean to say that unless you live on the moon, you should definitely consider going. All the pertinent info is after the break!

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The Daily Oat Convention Guide 2013

Con Guide Header #1

It’s official — pony convention season is upon us. Over 30 different conventions of varying sizes and programming are ready to keep the scene going strong with panels, autograph signings, hotel debauchery and perhaps some really bad pony-themed karaoke, if you’re lucky.

This guide is meant to be inclusive; as such, all cons of which we’re aware are listed on this page, regardless of how much information has actually been released about them. It is also intended to be ever-changing. The guide you see before you now may not be the same guide you see tomorrow, let alone in a few hours. Conventions are always releasing new information and announcing new guests.

The Daily Oat is interested in getting the latest convention information uploaded to this guide and notifying its readers of the change as quickly as possible. If you’re part of a con staff and want your updates sent to the source, whether it’s an announcement about registration or even the christening of a new con, send an email to contact@thedailyoat.com. Also, be sure to check out the immensely helpful spreadsheet by Foal Papers.

This map might be clickable in the future... keep checking back!

This map might be clickable in the future… keep checking back! And until then, also check out Sparklepeep’s wonderful con map.

All information has been taken from the cons themselves, either through one-on-one interviews or via websites or social media. If you see incorrect information, please contact us as soon as possible.

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