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TrotCon 2014 – Traveling Pony Museum & Bronies for Good


Would you rather have a march of ponies or a charity for bronies at your convention? Well, now you don’t have to choose! TrotCon for the year of 2014 has confirmed attendance for both the Traveling Pony Museum and Bronies for Good. For those interested in seeing what this means for their convention experience, whether potential or confirmed, there is plenty of information below the break.

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Final Announcement: 24-Hour Charity Livestream Kallisti III



Remember that announcement we did a while back about an awesome livestream that’s going to be happening with show staff, artist commissions, and great fun to be had for 24 hours straight? Well, it’s happening very soon! Bronies for Good and GalaCon want to remind you guys how awesome it’s going to be and make sure you know about it so you can participate, so head past the break for everything you need to know about the event!

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HWCP Announces Charity Drive for Kiki Havivy Memorial

mlp charity

When charity is needed, bronies always seem to answer the call. That’s why this time, Hearth’s Warming Care Package, or HWCP, is expanding their auction/raffle to those outside the TrotCon convention itself to reach out to those very bronies! Head after the break to read up on how you can auction or raffle, what causes it will be going to, and the part you can take in changing lives, as well as a video about the charity they will be holding. They also have a gallery of the available merchandise to peruse here.

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Important Trotcon Announcement!


Trotcon has an important announcement for those of you who purchased sponsor badges regarding the VIP dinner! In addition, be sure to tune in soon for some serious convention coverage right here at The Daily Oat!

Attention all you amazing sponsor badge holders! We have sent out information about the VIP dinner to the email you registered with. Please reply to the email before June 12th, 2013. If you do not RSVP you may not be able to attend the dinner, as we have to give a final count to the restaurant by the 12th.
If you end up missing the VIP dinner, don’t worry: there will be other exclusive chances to meet our guests throughout the weekend.
See you all in less than two weeks!

TrotCon Posts Convention Schedule

TrotCon 2012 Banner   Because 2013 isn’t retro enough, we decided to use last year’s banner for tonight’s post.

To those who are attending TrotCon, they have published their convention schedule here. They have all kinds of crazy events planned, from explaining Homestuck to Mad Libs, for your entertainment pleasure. If you’re attending, make sure to have a good time, because if you don’t, you didn’t try hard enough.

TrotCon 2013 – Music Announcement featuring Eurobeat Bacon, Sonic Breakfast and More!



Fun fact: If you try to save this picture, the name will be “totcon-resized.png.” How delicious.

TrotCon has quite a sizeable post after the break detailing the musical talent that will be attending TotCon this year. Among some of the headlining artists are Eurobeat Brony, SgtWhip, and Mogul Dash, though there are many more! Things seem to be shaping up very nicely for this convention so far; as Pinkie Pie would say, “I’ve got the music in me!

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Trotcon Announces Peter New and Dave Polsky, Releases Lee Tockar



No, Lee Tockar wasn’t in captivity; something much better has happened!

TrotCon recently announced that Lee Tockar will no longer be joining them at their convention this summer, though on a decidedly good note: Mr. Tockar has been nominated for an Emmy! As such, Emmy night happens to conflict with the TrotCon schedule, so, despite Tockar’s uncanny ability to be in two places at once, he will not be able to make TrotCon this year.

However, TrotCon has decided that they will make up for it with two new guests: Peter New, voice of Big Macintosh and a fairly consistent con-goer, and Dave Polsky, writer of some of the crazier episodes of the show. There’s also some important details on sponsor badges! Their full announcement can be found after the break.

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TrotCon 2013 – Equestria Inspired Announcement


One of the most remarkable aspects of our wonderful brony community is our expansiveness, and not in just in terms of numbers, but in how we hold such a productive YouTube presence, also having created a ponified version of Magic: The Gathering (never mind, got C&D’d) and so many awesome video games, like Fighting is Magic (oops, that als- dammit Hasbro!). Keeping with the game topic, Trotcon has announced a new Guest of Honor, Equestria Inspired Gaming!

Founded by Draìoct Neighsach, this is a group emphasizing the gaming part of the fandom, from old school party games to normal video games. They will have their own gaming room for fun and selling some of their awesome products! For the full official announcment, stay tuned after the break, and visit Equestria Inspired’s site here.

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