My Little Dashie: The Visual Novel Demo Released!

Daily Oat Studios is proud to present the demo to our upcoming visual novel adaptation of My Little Dashie, by Robcakeran53! We were all very excited about what we had accomplished so far regarding the project, but also realized how much more of the story we had left to complete. As such, we decided to create this short demo to give you all a sneak peak of our what’s to come! As always, this is a work-in-progress, so there are quite a few things that will definitely be altered in the final release.

The main menu art for example. Yes, we are aware it is very silly. You’re welcome.

Our project tumblr can be found here as well.

And now, links!

PC –

Mac –

(P.S. Thanks for being so understanding with our shenanigans Rob! You’re a class act!)


  1. Im having some wierd error messege that stops me from opening the .exe file it just says “Error 0x80070057″ do you need a special program to open it or do you just have some annoying problems?

  2. I seem to be having ther same problem Reflax is having, receiving “Error 0x80070057: the parameter is incorrect”. This happens when I try to extract the files (PC version btw). Guess I’m not playing this for a while xD..

  3. And just FYI, to anyone that’s wondering, the project lead is in the hospital right now, so for the moment, he won’t be able to fix any actual issues with the files, sorry. I can answer any questions you have though.

  4. There are two files with colons in their names:
    My Little Dashie: The Visual Novel.exe
    My Little Dashie: The Visual

    Colons in filenames are not allowed in Windows. That’s why it may be impossible to extract them with certain archivers using GUI. You may try to do it using command prompt putting filename into quotes like this:

    unzip “c:\mylittledashie –” “mylittledashie – 1.0-win32\My Little Dashie: The Visual Novel.exe”
    unzip “c:\mylittledashie –” “mylittledashie – 1.0-win32\My Little Dashie: The Visual”

    This will extract the two files and replace the colon with the underscore.

    To devs: you guys might want to change the filenames. Pretty please?

    • Thanks for the heads up IRQ, our leads unavailable, but I’ll see if I can fix that. I’m not even sure how the hell he managed to get a colon in the file name, believe me, I’ve tried to do it before.

  5. When there is another part, is it just going to be the story, or is it going to be more like the visual novels I’m used to? As in, is it going to have choices or something interactive?

  6. A question please. Will this novel have a Spanish version? I want to show it to my friends, they don’t have time to read the novel yet, but they are expecting for this amazing story, and even better if this is a graphic novel.

    Please, make an option of languages to choose.

    • The files are safe, I just verified by downloading and extracting them myself. I didn’t receive any warnings, so my computer must think they’re perfectly fine.

      If need be, I can send you the extracted files via Skype. My name on Skype is Scootareader, same as it is here.

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