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Oatmeal # 22 Christmas Edition!

Pinkie Pie Says Merry Christmas to Applejack

‘Twas the Night before Christmas, and the Christmas Oatmeal was affected, to bring you the joy (or at least remind you, humbug!) of this wonderful time of the year! On this very special night, we have for you Fluttershy in her Christmas outfit, the royal sisters posing for happy pictures, a beautiful and simple SFM animated pony Christmas gathering video, two other sisters basking in Christmas’ glory, some Applejack pics, Discord X-mas pranking, some silly non-Christmas related things, and a wicked pony Christmas mix to play while enjoying these pics! So, enjoy, press and Merry Christmas! Continue reading

Oatmeal #19

Pinkie Pie I'm OK With This

Pinkie Pie is okay with finally getting more Oatmeal. Are you? This week we have a super cute Rainbow Dash, some strangely hypnotic 3D human pones, Fluttershy on a marshmallow, something about Sweetie-Scooting, a drum cover about destiny, Rainbow Dash trollin’, sleeping fillies, Twilight Sparkle looking like she’s about to sneeze, some beeping, a Bioshock reference, Twilight Sparkle facing her greatest challenge yet, and video games.

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Oatmeal #18

Pinkie Begging Discord

How can you say no to eyes like those? Chocolate milk-filled cotton candy clouds forever! This week we have our first anticipatory PMV of the upcoming Nightmare Night, Sweetie Belle with a flower, Celestia and Luna looking extra adorable, Applejack’s unhealthy obsession with shoes, the Cutie Mark Crusaders if Japanese culture existed in Equestria, some easy listening for pones, a cross-stitched Pinkie Pie, cupcakes but pony, Applejack posing under a star, Rainbow Dash in a Skyfall-esque pose, a Bon Jovi PMV, Wonderbolts Academy to something new age, a PMV about being brave, Luna smiling, Twilight reading–a shocker, I know–a Skyrim theme made by ponies, and Loki getting the smackdown from Brad. Two days late, you say? Ha! We say five days early, and you get two Oatmeals within one week.

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Oatmeal #17

Pinkamena Vector

Insert generic Cupcakes reference here. This week we have Rainbow Dash meeting her lover, Zim finding a pony, some chibi, somepony sticking a cupcake in their eye, a Princess Cadance commercial, human Rainbow Dash posing for a picture, Fluttershy looking up wistfully, an interesting story that does include singing if you wait for it, Fluttershy saying yay, the assumed work of an MIT student, Celestia praising the sun, an awesome remix of Boo Hoo Hoo, Sweetie Belle jumping, Rainbow Dash looking oddly realistic, the Double Rainboom ending credits song, Applejack preparing to lasso something, Vinyl Scratch, something from Sweetie Belle, and an incredibly detailed portrait of Applejack.

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Oatmeal #16

Pinkie Chaplin

She doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of talking, does she? This week we have Luna at a park, the best background music ever, Applejack knowing what you did last summer, Rainbow Dash wearing a hat, a song dedicated to Applejack, a montage of friendship, Donny IRL, Twilight with a meme-worthy face, a song dedicated to Pinkie Pie, Derpy doing lightning bending, a blended awesome-length instrumental, a PMV about the Elements of Harmony, Pinkie Pie with balloons, Rainbow Dash looking adorable, the greatest commercial ever, Sweetie Belle as pixel art, a remix of the Equestria Girls intro, Pinkie Pie being misunderstood, an abomination, Squidward denying the obvious truth, Rainbow Dash being awesome (as usual), Apple Bloom ready to go buccaneering, and a pony wedding.

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Oatmeal #15

Pinkie Pie Giddy Up

Yee-haw! Ride ‘em cowpony! Er, monkey. This week we have Shining Armor hugging a little girl, a Luna x Sombra OTP, a sad-looking Princess Luna, Trixie treating herself, a very well-done fall-season song, dubstep of something going wrong, ponies holding on together, sisters spending time together, Pinkie Pie having a sugar rush, Rainbow Dash, and six friends plus a dragon enjoying some time together.

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Oatmeal #14

Pinkie Pie and Balloons

And 99 knights of the air have Pinkie Pie fascinated. This week’s Oatmeal has sad ponies, cupcakes, animated pony dolls, Trixie’s generosity, Soarin’ shipping with fastest pony, real DJ headphones, the first decent Equestria Girls PMV we’ve found, Fluttershy doing what she does best, a flying shy pony, Pinkie denying Fluttershy’s tree-ness, Celestia becoming borderline Molestia, majestic-looking Sunbutt, Lyra and Bon Bon as royal guards, a Sherlock Holmes-themed pony opening, a city for earth ponies, harmonic ponies, a wonderful pony, Discord’s sense of humor, frolicking sisters, and just one spark.

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Oatmeal #13

Pinkie Pie Pan

Just press B when she has a lightbulb above her head. This week we have Iron Will teaching us how to swim, a really long and awesome epic piece that needs more attention, a PMV of Lullaby for a Princess, a sleeping DJ, a Fluttershy-themed dubstep mix, one of the least-known background ponies looking kawaii, a three-villain strong friendship, tangoing ponies, ultra-ponies, Vinyl Scratch pointing, a hybrid of Twilight Sparkle and Dr. Horrible, Princess Celestia dancing, Pinkie Pie looking chibi, and an epic duel.

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Oatmeal #12

Pinkie Pie 404

We had a picture for you, but then it wasn’t. This week we have something Snowdrop, an adorable unicorn, a song that sounds like it’s sung by Derpy, humans, Pinkie Pie enjoying sugar, a new clubhouse, Fluttershy if she was a noblefilly, Rarity singing about being the fresh mare of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash rainbooming, and Luna breaking free of the bonds of Nightmare Moon.

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