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Radical Revelations Regarding Rainbow Rocks Released – Risky!


A few of our newspony friends are reporting on a fine spot by blog ‘All About MLP Merch‘, who have posted slides from a presentation made at Hasbro’s Australia arm last September which included information about Rainbow Rocks – 1 month before it became public. There’s some early artwork shown there, as well as information about what (or who) to expect. If you’re cool with spoilers, check out their post – there’s other interesting slides on there about the MLP brand and Rainbow Power.

BronyExpo New VA Guest: Vincent Tong

BronyExpo over in Alberta has announced its third VA guest of honor – the voices of Donut Joe, Garble the Dragon, Prince Blueblood and, probably most importantly, Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls, Vincent Tong!

Vincent is also known for a variety of his other roles voice acting, including Yatsuda from Death Note, and will join Andrea Libman and Michael Daingerfield at the West Edmonton convention this July. You can see him in the guest list over on the BronyExpo website, and you can grab your pass for the event on their IndieGogo page.

Idle Hands Reports on Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014 Hasbro My Little Pony large figure with accessories

So, just what was revealed at the toy fair? Was it just that new Equestria Girls movie? Or were there other awesome things unveiled that we want to get our greedy brony mitts on? Oh, yes, there’s definitely more merch! Idle Hands, a group that reports on awesome things and looks really familiar for some reason, has some pretty great screenshots of the goods over here. Everything from the Rainbow Rocks dolls to the new castle playset to… wait, is that a muffin for a name?

RUMOR: MLP Forums User on New Equestria Girls Movie


According to the post, picture is very related. We brought this into the world, guys.

Ready for another Equestria Girls movie? Well, it’s in the works! According to this post on MLP Forums, idlemichael managed to get himself to London Toy Fair, learning the inside scoop on some upcoming toy lines and, yes, the inevitable sequel movie to the critically claimed first movie. Are our bodies ready for another Equestria Girls? We hope so! Just head to the link to find out everything we’ve got on the rumored upcoming movie.

Scootareader Looks Into: Canon


One thing that I learned relatively quickly on the fanfiction scene is that there is verbiage specific to fanfiction that those who have never read it or been interested in it don’t know or understand. Terms like mary sue, shipping, and OTP (one true pairing, for shipping pairs, if you don’t know) are things that I’d never heard of prior to my first forays into this new and fascinating world of speculation and imagination.

Another of these terms that I came across is canon. In opposition to fanon, canon is what is considered as having actually happened, as far as storyline progression goes. In some shows, it is as if a reset button was pressed at the beginning of each episode, making previous episodes meaningless and making each new episode a standalone, with no references to past episodes and no additions to future episodes.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic doesn’t have a reset button. Each episode has a lesson that’s actually learned by the characters which carries its teachings into future episodes, giving a sense of continuity and story. So, since these elements exist, this show has the textbook definition of canon.

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Pigtail Pals Discusses NSFW Content and Equestria Girls

Pigtail Pals

Apparently, some of the points made in this article were enough that they got yelled at on Facebook for a related post, so now there’s a disclaimer at the top for guys who like MLP and are non-pervy. For the rest of the guys, though–the r34 artists and other “unsavory” people by society’s standards–you better watch out. The article does make some good points, even going so far as to link to a NSFW tumblr, but also jumps onto the bandwagon with the claim of Equestria Girls being “sexualized.” The comparison at the bottom with Hugh Hefner is actually pretty entertaining and does make a point, except that the picture she chose is one of those that bronies in general don’t like or find very appealing, if the community discussion boards have anything to say about it (plus, I can’t really envision the Hef with anthro).

That Guy With the Glasses Reviews Equestria Girls


You all know who this guy is, don’t you? The Nostalgia Critic! This was posted on a website that he is a part of, but written by another poster on the site, known as DigiRanma. Apparently, this brave soul has previously reviewed Bratz; he seems to find little difference between that nightmare and this latest movie for little girls. Ah well, you can’t win everyone over.

I’m not going to say he doesn’t have valid points; he obviously does. Equestria Girls wasn’t the amazing movie it could have been… were a miracle to occur. Read up on his entire critique of the movie here.

Inside Pulse Reviews Equestria Girls


It’s okay, guys. I get the feeling we’re almost done with Equestria Girls reviews. These strange pony-looking… creatures will return to Equestria, where they belong, and be all season 4 and stuff.

On the review menu for today, we have a quite enjoyable review of Equestria Girls from geek news blog Inside Pulse. Not only do they review it, they also provide us with Youtube videos of a member of the target audience reviewing the movie from the theater as well as the Blu-Ray release. Read up on it here! See, little girls like it, so it’s okay for us to like it too… right?