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DerpyCon South Announces Anneli Heed


Oh, you haven’t heard the voice of Swedish Spitfire? Well, you are in for a treat.

We haven’t gotten enough stuff from DerpyCon South lately, so they decided they’d update us with an awesome VA announcement! Anneli Heed, in addition to doing the voice of Spitfire in the Swedish dub of the show, also has a few more roles, such as the singing voice of Rainbow Dash. Head past the break to check out the promo video for her, plus a bunch more information. Continue reading

GalaCon Welcomes Anneli Heed, AcousticBrony


Anneli Heed will take her turn at another convention this year when she visits GalaCon in early August. Heed, most famously the voice of Spitfire in the Swedish dub, also does voice work for Spike, Cheerilee, Photo Finish and the singing voice of Rainbow Dash in the show’s Swedish version.

GalaCon is already playing host to Andrea Libman and Peter New of the “MLP: FIM” English show staff, as well as Michael Pan (German Discord) and Julie Basecqz (French Rarity).

The con has also announced AcousticBrony to be in attendance, a move that’s sure to please connoisseurs of the musical part of the fandom.

GalaCon is happening Aug. 3-4 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. To learn more about GalaCon and many more cons happening in 2013, check out our 2013 Convention Guide.

Full press release after the break, folks.

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