Airdates, Synopses For First 3 Episodes Of Season 4


Oh Zap2it, how we missed you! The website has graced us with not only a further synopsis for the premiere, but also for the third episode of the series and confirmed that we will see it a week afterwards. Check the episode guides after the break – SPOILERS ABOUND yadda yadda yadda…

S04, E01: Princess Twilight Part 1

Now a Princess, Twilight Sparkle’s Summer Sun Celebration plans are put on hold when Princesses Luna and Celestia go missing. (23rd November 2013, Link)

S04, E02: Princess Twilight Part 2

In order to save Equestria from the Everfree Forest, Princess Twilight and friends must bring their Elements to the Tree of Harmony. (23rd November 2013, Link)

S04, E03: Castle-Mania

While in Luna and Celestia’s old castle, the ponies are convinced it is haunted by the Pony of Shadows. (30th November 2013, Link)

NB: ‘Castle-Mania’…thank you, based DHX Media.

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