BronyCAN Announces First New Info for Next Convetion

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Looks like more early convention information for another sure to be fun and exciting year is coming this way! BronyCAN is announcing its venue for the 2014 year, which will again be in Richmod, Virginia, at the Executive Hotel Plaza, during August 22nd-24th Volunteers are also being called for to help out at the convention, so make sure to check that out if you want to be awesome in lending a helping hoof. For information for pre-registration that’s soon to be coming out, visit and watch any of the sites linked at the bottom for updates. To view the whole press release, stay after the break.

BronyCAN 2014 location & dates announced!
BronyCAN 2014 is happy to announce that our convention for this year will be held at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Richmond, BC once more. Additionally, BronyCAN will now be running for three days, from August 22nd-24th.
We are in need of volunteers to dedicate their time and effort into making our convention this year into another big success, and would be very grateful for anyone who would able to lend a helping hoof! Many departments are taking volunteers, so please let us know how you can help out. Click here to submit an application.
In other news, we will soon be ready to open pre-registration for passes. If you are interested in attending BronyCAN 2014 and would like to be notified regarding when pre-registration will be up, as well as receive exciting announcements on what we’ll be offering this year, be sure to sign up with your email address here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get in on the latest news!
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