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GalaCon Announces VAs and Major Fandom Names to its Guest List


GalaCon is adding a whole heap of VAs and fandom notables alike for this year’s convention. The German voices of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, Jennifer Weiß and Julia Meynen, respectively, will be making an appearance, as well as EileMonty, popular international fandom voice, most commonly known as Button’s Mom (may she and her family recover from their acute attacks of DMCA), as well as master of party lights, LaserPon3! Stay after for the full press release. Continue reading

BronyCon Announces Terry Klassen


Comic artists? Animators? VAs? How bout one of the directors that keeps it all together and brings out the best of a diverse and talented group? In this regard, this year BronyCon is proud to present to you Terry Klassen, the voice director for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His unique perspective on the show, and the diversity of his work, ranging from Dragon Ball Z to Ed, Edd n Eddy, should give con attendees a very special experience indeed. For the whole press release, stay for below the break. Continue reading

Legends of Equestria Open Server Weekend April 18th-20th!


Hoowhee! Another open server weekend for Legends of Equestria will be happening April 18th-20th! So register in the legendsofequestria forums first as soon as possible (before the servers get busy), and get ready to have pony vidya fun and witness any further improvements the game has made in its development thus far. The necessary links are, as always, below in the press release. Continue reading

MLP-MSP Two Comic-Series Guests Announced

Zander Cannon and Ted Anderson Announcement

Phew, it seems like a lot of comic artists are on guests lists everywhere in the con world this year! MLP-MSP’s latest foray in this popular movement will be comic writer Ted Anderson and cartoonist Zander Cannon from the comic series! Anderson has done work on the Pinkie Pie micro series # 5 and issue # 3, “Friends Forever,” while Zander is a co-founder of his own cartooning studio, Big Time Attic, and has drawn Source Comic Games’ variant cover of the above micro-series. Check out the full press release below!

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BronyExpo New VA Guest: Vincent Tong

BronyExpo over in Alberta has announced its third VA guest of honor – the voices of Donut Joe, Garble the Dragon, Prince Blueblood and, probably most importantly, Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls, Vincent Tong!

Vincent is also known for a variety of his other roles voice acting, including Yatsuda from Death Note, and will join Andrea Libman and Michael Daingerfield at the West Edmonton convention this July. You can see him in the guest list over on the BronyExpo website, and you can grab your pass for the event on their IndieGogo page.

Everfree Network to Host April Fool’s Day Special!


Have you recently been getting excited for the final culmination of what amounts to a year’s worth of mischievous brooding of the most vengeful, societally wrecking, and truly insidious kind? You are? Well, then, just like us, you’re obviously ready for April Fool’s Day! And for this day, Everfree Network has planned its weakly Elements of Harmony segment to be an April Fool’s Day radio play. Elements of Harmony is normally a radio show that regularly interviews pony music artists, and many special guests, like Final Draft, Midnight Rain, and Tarby will be making appearances. So join us in for tomorrow at 10 PM EDT for a fun night of lively entertainment and comedy! The trailer is here, and the link for the stream tomorrow is down below in the press release. Make sure to bring your pony-themed whoopee cushions. Continue reading

Call for Help for Hospitalized Mother of BABSCon Programmer


A tragedy has struck part of our fandom today, readers.  Our friends over at BABSCon are sending out a call for help for the mother of the Vice Chair and Head of Programming and Events, Olivia Daniels.  Cheryl Daniels, widow since 2000 and working two jobs, has contracted acute liver failure brought on by a strain of Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. Currently in the hospital, she does not have an adequate medical plan, and is in danger of having her house and car foreclosed and repossessed.  To help cover the strictly immediate costs, BABSCon is auctioning off two of their previously sold-out premium tickets on ebay.  And for those that can’t pitch in so much, there’s a gofundme option as well.  Stay after the break for the whole story, and let’s together help overcome this extreme hardship and suffering as a community. Continue reading

Bulk Biceps to Make an Appearance at Everfree Northwest


Are you ready for a spectacular, somewhat less known, but spectacular nonetheless new special guest announcement? That’s rhetorical, of course you are, so prepare yourselves for this year at EFNW, the laconic (though in no way soft-spoken) voice of Bulk Biceps, Michael Dobson will be making an appearance! You may remember the many theorized origins discussed about this character’s extraordinary equine muscle mass, leading to one of his earlier names of Roid Rage, but even apart from the iconic character, Micheal Dobson is quite the experienced industry professional, having voiced many, many other characters like Star Scream, and Batman in Batman Black. So come visit and meet this respected figure at this year’s EFNW, and as always, stay after the break for the even exciting original press release itself! Continue reading