The Daily Oat Shall Send You to Enlightenment!

You either write a satire that exaggerates the truth, or make one that creates the truth. . . . Welcome, everyone, to the truth about MLP.

About JustAnotherTimeLord

I am nothing really special. I go to school, come back and start the editing process for all of the authors I work with. I edit for the Great and Powerful RavensDagger, along with the other, just as powerful, Toixstory along with my personal friend, whom I edit for as well, though not as much, Sorren: all on FiMFiction. I also work for an animation project where I edit the story they write for the animation, and then adapt a script for it. Basically, a guy wrote a story, and a talented friend liked it. So, he decided to make it an animated thing. Someone wrote a script, then kind of went AFK for a month, and never said anything back. I came in, took the slack of scripting and then editing, which no one actually did. So, that is me. YAY!

7 responses on “The Daily Oat Shall Send You to Enlightenment!

    1. Scootareader

      We like keeping our readers informed of what the word across the web about bronies is–even if it’s obviously a joke and made to have a laugh. We like our readers to have a good laugh from time to time, too.

      1. StephOfTheEast

        Considering how much MLP helped me in coming to terms with my own sexuality and identity, I was somewhat offended reading this piece. That’s just me.

        1. Scootareader

          Well, it’s up to the reader to judge articles for themselves. We do our best to generalize negative, positive, or unbiased informative pieces, but it’s really up to the person reading it to take what they want out of it.

          What we post in the way of news from around the internet about the fandom in no way reflects how we feel as writers. You are correct; even a satirical article can be hurtful, especially if MLP has helped the reader in the way that it has helped you. However, we do our best to stay unbiased when we post articles, and as such, even an article as ridiculous as this one had to be mentioned.

          I apologize if you don’t like the article; we’re simply doing our best to make sure the fans know what’s being said about them, whether serious or satirical, offensive or unbiased.

  1. Silvermane

    That article was satire, that’s all it was. It’s no different than say; ‘Shed.Mov”. Anyone think that was taken from the show, or reflects how the creators see the show? it was done for laughs, as was the article, and the reader comments and replies by the article’s writer are great in themselves. I applaud the Oat for publishing this link.

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