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I am nothing really special. I go to school, come back and start the editing process for all of the authors I work with. I edit for the Great and Powerful RavensDagger, along with the other, just as powerful, Toixstory along with my personal friend, whom I edit for as well, though not as much, Sorren: all on FiMFiction. I also work for an animation project where I edit the story they write for the animation, and then adapt a script for it. Basically, a guy wrote a story, and a talented friend liked it. So, he decided to make it an animated thing. Someone wrote a script, then kind of went AFK for a month, and never said anything back. I came in, took the slack of scripting and then editing, which no one actually did. So, that is me. YAY!

NetNebraska Does an Article About Pon3Con

Unfortunately, con season is not upon us, but past cons still leave a lasting effect on the places they are held. NetNebraska, getting into the spirit of “The Best of 2013″ posts going on everywhere, has chosen Pon3Con as one of the highlights of 2013. This article is really well written, and it speaks of bronies as a good thing in terms of loosening the constricting gender norms for males and even females. I like that complement. If you want to find the full article, head on over here.

Flayrah Reviews ‘My Little Pony: The Magic Begins’

Recently, IDW Publishing has created a graphic novel adaptation of the original two pilot episodes for My Little Pony. It is actually quite nifty, and taking the call, Flayrah makes a detailed review of this awesome little book. It tops off at 124 pages of solid material, and does a great job establishing that same mystical feeling that drew us all into the series originally. Head on over here to read the review, or head on over here to snag yourself a copy. Oh, and by the way . . . I’m back!

Omnigamer Joins the Fight With Extra Life and NightMare Nights

I believe the header works well with this post because, once again, Omnigamer is going to be the charitable group that it has always has been, being very generous as to offer their time to charity in a gaming stream. But it doesn’t stop there. Omnigamer will also be doing a fundraiser in order to donate that money to Nightmare Nights’ fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network. They are indeed doing a great thing. Check out the full press release below the break!

Also, I’m back, everypony! Did ya miss me? No? Oh, okay . . .

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Nightmare Nights Dallas & Omnigamer Together


Omnigamer, a site that involves reviews and news about tons of games (surprisingly enough), has decided to join in with Nightmare Nights Dallas this year. Like he did at the Sac Brony Con, he will be providing tons of toys and stuffed animals to sell at the charity auction. Along with that, Michael Mosley, the director of Public Relations at Omnigamer, will be directly donating money to the cause. Mosley and his friend Shawn Bird will also be playing 25 hours of gaming for the charity. For more information on this load of charity involvement, just hit up the break. And maybe donate to one yourself. It’s only a few clicks.

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The Living Library Player Society’s One-Year Anniversary!


However unfitting this picture is for a fan fiction reading anniversary, I believe it conveys the mindset and attitudes possibly being exhibited by the people in the Society. This weekend celebrates one year of fan fiction for TLLPS (My Little TL;DR: Acronyms are Magic), and we here at The Daily Oat think they deserve some recognition. They read any and all fan fiction that is rated everyone, so if you decide to stick around after this weekend with them, you know what you can and can’t recommend. They do readings every weekend, so you have something to sate you over this MLP break between seasons. Go ahead and save this link here, and then tune in this weekend for the extravaganza! 

CANterlot Con Pre-Registration Open

Live in Canada? Near Toronto, even? Are you going to be free two and a half months from now? If so, then it is time for you to buy yourself a ticket to CANterlot Con! They have finally opened pre-registration, and if you either want to sell something as a vendor or just have fun, they have all the pricing information out. And they have also announced their “talent show,” where you get to show off your stuff to the entire con! Check it all out below the break!

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Crystal Fair New Guest Announcement!

Con season isn’t over, surprisingly, and there are still things going on. Today, St. Louis, Missouri Crystal Fair Con has announced Jenn Blake, one the artists behind the IDW Limited art project titled “The Return of Queen Chrysalis.” If you are a fan of the comics, then you will most certainly be interested in her. More info about her and how to snag your pre-registration ticket are below the break.

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BronyCAN Interview on Stay Brony, My Friends

The show with the manliest Brony alive has selected BronyCAN as this episodes interviewees! Rebecca Shoichet, head of both Public and Guest Relations, will be there, with (obviously) Dustykatt and Screwball as the interviewers. Stay tuned for it, as there will be a special announcement about the con coming up! It starts at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time on August 12th, so be there! Press release below the break.

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