Equestria LA Officially Shut Down


A little while back, we brought the news that the EQLA convention in Anaheim, CA would be postponed until the following year. Now it has been sadly confirmed on their Twitter account that this will not be the case, and that Equestria LA will be shut down. The event was popular for the two years that it ran, but they deserve respect for making this tough decision instead of running an event that could not be managed or afforded. We’ll let you know of any updates once they are sent to us.

Ministry of Brony: Sessions One Album Available To Download


Continuing the news from last Wednesday, Bronies for Good have now announced that the Ministry of Brony music album, presented by Fillydelphia Radio, is available for download. If you like your house, trance and electro – and have an equal affinity for Ponies – then you can now donate an amount of your choice to BfG to help support Child Need Africa and obtain a download link right here. If you want a brief taster of the album, you can see the preview embed after the break, along with the press release.

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Bronycon Announces Andrea Libman


It’s time to smile! Andrea Libman, who I’m sure you’ll already know as the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, will be heading over to Baltimare this year for the big Bronycon convention. August 1-3 will see her and an already heavy roster of guests head down to Charm City for a weekend of celebration of all things Pony. Check out BC’s press release after the break.

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Movoto Blog: Twilight’s Treebary On Sale

golden oaks

Have you ever wondered how much Twilight Sparkle’s residence in Ponyville would cost if it went up for sale? Even if you haven’t, it’s interesting to see a really nicely put together infographic explaining just that from the blog of Movato, a US real estate website. If you’re in the market for a nice detached oak tree with one previous Alicorn owner, check out the ‘graphic after the break or head to their website.

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EFNW charity auction for Seattle Children’s hospital

EFNW charity announcement

EFNW, Seattle’s favorite little ponycon, has announced a charity auction to benefit Seattle’s children hospital! Last year, over $21,000 were raised by selling over 200 items. They are taking donations for the event, for which more information can be found right here. Also, resident woodcarver Spike Firemane will be donating one of his woodcarvings to the event. It will either be Dr. Whooves, Bon Bon, or Mare Do Well. For those of you that want to know more, the full press release is included after the break.

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Call for Help for Hospitalized Mother of BABSCon Programmer


A tragedy has struck part of our fandom today, readers.  Our friends over at BABSCon are sending out a call for help for the mother of the Vice Chair and Head of Programming and Events, Olivia Daniels.  Cheryl Daniels, widow since 2000 and working two jobs, has contracted acute liver failure brought on by a strain of Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. Currently in the hospital, she does not have an adequate medical plan, and is in danger of having her house and car foreclosed and repossessed.  To help cover the strictly immediate costs, BABSCon is auctioning off two of their previously sold-out premium tickets on ebay.  And for those that can’t pitch in so much, there’s a gofundme option as well.  Stay after the break for the whole story, and let’s together help overcome this extreme hardship and suffering as a community. Continue reading

Details For ‘Broadway Battles Bullying’ Event Announced


With Michael Morones continuing to make positive recovery from his injuries, the details for a special event taking place in New York to help the foundation in his name have been announced. Not only will we see none other than Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart (even the Queen thinks they’re awesome) help to present Broadway Battles Bullying, but a sheer galaxy of stars from the biggest shows on the New York theatre scene* will take part in an evening of song to help raise as much money as possible. It takes place at the Skirball Center at NYU in Manhattan on Monday April 14th and tickets are available right now from just $40! Check out the event’s official website for more information.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Michael’s recovery, you may want to follow his account over on Twitter or his website, which are both regularly updated with news of his progress and the continuing support of the Foundation. Props to Andrea Libman who visited the family this weekend, and even read to Michael in his favourite character’s voice!

*No guests confirmed from Hinny of the Hills yet…